The App Store vs. The Play Store

The Apple App Store and Google Play store provide the same services for players. They allow you to search, download, and install the applications you are looking for, like the best mobile slots New Zealand has to offer, for example. Both platforms have the same elements. There is a description, either an icon or a logo, screenshots or an image gallery, reviews, and most likely a trailer or video for every app available.

But having the same aim doesn’t mean they are identical. A number of factors make the layout of their respective elements very different, and striking contrasts in behaviour are evident between the two stores. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two, and see how they weigh up:

Paid Apps in the Stores 

Both the App Store and Google Play Store share similar sharing conditions as far as revenue is concerned. 70% goes to the developers, and the store keeps the remaining 30%. However, the App Store generates more shares than Google Play does. Most businesses are advised to start developing iOS apps if they are aiming to generate high revenue faster.

Description for Apps 

In the Google Play Store, the app description gets double the taps on the Read More button than the App Store does. If you are accessing the Google Play Store from your smartphone, the description is always displayed above the screenshots or image gallery, and this makes the Read More button more prominent. At the App Store, the first two lines are vital, especially with the newer sizes for iPhones. They have screens that are big enough to display the app description in its entirety.

Image Gallery and Screenshots 

In the Google Play Store, the image gallery appears beneath the fold, and this makes users 27% less likely to scroll through all of the screenshots or pictures. In the case of the image gallery for the App Store, it is the most conspicuous aspect of the screen. Thus almost all visitors interact with the items displayed in the gallery.

Types of Apps 

Most iOS apps work flawlessly on both iPhone and iPad, but many applications are also customized to suit the smartphones, while others are intended for iPad tablets only. The Android operating system powers a number of different handsets, and these all operate with different CPUs, RAMs, and other hardware configurations. These applications thus need more customisation, optimisation, and scaling in order to suit various devices.

Although the best mobile slots New Zealand has to offer are largely available for both operating systems, you will have to make sure you are downloading and installing the one intended for your particular mobile device. This isn’t an issue with most iOS apps, and it is something that highlights the differences between these two platforms. As well, players must make sure that they have opted for the right app store app, as an iOS app won’t run on an Android device, and vice versa.

Whether you are interested in the best Play Store mobile slots, or have an iPhone and want investigate what App Store slots CA have to offer, you are guaranteed to find something to enjoy. The best mobile slots in New Zealand have been customized to ensure that players using a variety of different devices are able to enjoy them on the go!