Classic Pokies vs. Video Pokies

There is always going to be arguments for each of the different kinds of pokies games, with some in support of one, and others maintaining that the other is better. Many New Zealand players will only play video pokies games on their smartphones or tablets thanks to the bonus features and higher amount of paylines that offer more chances to win, while other prefer the classic pokies that keep things simple with just 3 reels and between 1 and 5 paylines.

If you are debating which ones to enjoy the next time you go online, reading this comparison may help you get into your preferred game more quickly.

Comparing Classic Pokies & Video Pokies

You will easily be able to find a range of both classic and video pokies games at online casinos catering for players from New Zealand, and, once you have finished reading this article about which you are more likely to enjoy, you can make a selection from the best of these right here! The online and mobile casinos we recommend all features an incredible array of pokies games, ready and waiting for you to enjoy!


A Variety of Payline Options

You will quickly determine that video pokies have far more payline options than 3-reel classic online pokies games do, with the majority of the latter offering you just 1, although in some cases 3 and even 5 paylines are provided for.

The current generation of online video pokies utilising platforms from the current industry leaders will have many more to offer: there are All Ways Paying structures, with 100s and even 1000s of paylines available for each of your spins, and all for just 1 modest stake. 

Big Bonus Games on Offer

The bonus games on offer are provided more for video pokies games, with classic pokies not being designed to incorporate special features like this. There are some classic types that offer bonuses or have included special symbols, but these are far and few between, and the actual manner in which these bonuses play out will be very basic. Usually these bonuses will be a wheel spinning bonus game or a Wild symbol, as opposed to the elaborate theatrics that video game pokies bonus rounds provide.

The Values of the Jackpots

There is a huge array of video pokies and classic pokies games which make progressive jackpots available, so there is not so much of a discernable difference between the 2 pokies types in this category.

However, since most online pokies game will only allow players to try for the progressive jackpot with a maximum bet on all paylines active, video pokies may indeed offer a greater chance for a win, since there are simply more entries thanks to the increased amount of paylines these games offer.

Different Payout Percentages

You will very quickly notice some enormous variations when it comes to the payout percentages for video and classic pokies, and it is always recommended that you do as much research as you can on this information before you begin play. Our experts have included this information for you in many of the reviews published on this site, and you will be able to make an informed decision the next time you set the reels spinning. Alternatively, you can check the games’ paytable before you start playing.

New Game Releases

It has been a while now since a large number of new classic pokies game were released by leading casino software developers, but each month of the year a brand-new video pokies game becomes available. So, if your criteria include the latest and greatest of what is on offer, video pokies will be your thing, since there are simply more available, with more focus being put on this genre of game.

An array of films and television shows have been used as the inspiration for many modern pokies games, and this often provides players with an entirely new method of enjoying their favourite actors and characters, along with the chance to win big when they do.

Both Types Have their Advantages

At the end of the day, there are very many positive aspects to both classic and video pokies games, and even players who generally prefer the former will enjoy taking a break and playing the latter every now and again, or vice versa. Pokies have remained the most popular real money casino games for so long because they are enjoyable in so many different ways, and video pokies have simply added another way to play to this list.

Whatever you end up selecting, remember that all the latest information on both the games themselves and where to play them is always updated and available right here and we make it our mission to ensure that you are always in the thick of the action as far as real money gameplay is concerned.

Get the best of both worlds and enjoy old school, simple classic pokies play, or state of the art slick and sophisticated video pokies online and on the go!