Keeping Usernames & Passwords Safe on Mobile Devices

In New Zealand mobile casinos offer players a more convenient way to access the latest pokies and play real money games online. Since most people have their smartphone or tablet with them at all times, it makes sense then that mobile gambling is becoming the increasingly popular with online casino enthusiasts.

The problem with mobile gambling is that mobile gambling devices need to be secured both when playing online, and when not in use. The biggest question then for most players, is how to keep their mobile casino username and password safe on their mobile.

Living in the age of technology, usernames and passwords are the keys to our digital lives. If someone were to get hold of our usernames or any part of our password details, we would be handing over sensitive information of a personal and financial nature. Thus, it is extremely important to keep your login details as safe as possible. These tips will ensure your mobile gambling devices are far safer, and that you reduce your risks dramatically.

Using a Password Manager

All top-rated gambling device guides dedicate a fair amount of time to the subject of password security and maintenance. The majority of mobile gamblers will use their smartphone to access a casino site, either through the casino app or dedicated mobile website. The same phone can also be used for logging into social media sites, email accounts, online streaming accounts, work accounts, data storage accounts etc.

Having multiple passwords for multiple devices can be difficult to manage. For users who find it difficult to remember passwords and login details, it is best to install a password manager rather than writing passwords down, or keeping them in a random folder on your phone. Password managers are equipped with the latest SSL encryption technology, making them virtually un-hackable to thieves and fraudsters. Once installed, a password manager can house all your login usernames and passwords for all your mobile accounts in one place.

Deactivate Automatic Logins

The best gambling device guides will all recommend installing a password manager of some sort or another. Once you can access your login details safely, the next step is to ensure that when you are inserting your details and playing online, your username and password is safe from fraudsters. The first step is to uncheck automatic logins. This ensures that if anyone does get hold of your phone, they cannot simply open up a web-browser and immediately login to your casino account.

Use App Locks and Fingerprint Scanners

If you have a mobile casino app installed on your phone, it is best to put a specific app lock on the app itself, or make sure you have to log in each time the app is opened. The latest smartphones use fingerprint scanners that can be used to secure individual apps on the phone, as well as the master unlock. This just adds an extra layer of security to keep your casino login details safe.

Sign Up With a Mobile Casino that is 100% Secure

Most mobile gambling device guides also stress the importance of signing up with a fully licenced and secure mobile casino. Not all mobile casinos are created equal, and some are far more secure than others. When signing up, make sure the casino is running the latest SSL digital encryption technology for their mobile website and casino app.

Keeping your Mobile Safe

Keeping mobile gambling devices secure is another important step that most players will know by now. As well as keeping your phone within site at all times, players should also switch off their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi whenever they are not in use. This will ensure that the phone cannot connect to random Wi-Fi networks or open Bluetooth devices where fraudsters can hack your phone. It is also a good idea to enable remote-wipe on your phone if your phone does get stolen or lost. Remote-wipe allows you to remotely wide all data from your phone including apps, accounts, passwords, logins and personal information.

By following this advice and consulting the best mobile gambling device guides you can do everything in your power to stay safe when playing the casino games you love, on the go.