Mobile Gambling Devices That Are Video Pokies Friendly

In New Zealand online and mobile casino games offer players the opportunity to win big at home or on the go. While desktop gaming still has its place, the majority of players are turning to mobile casinos as an alternative. Since most people have their smartphone or tablet with them at all times, playing mobile games is far easier and more convenient. But, as always when there is an abundance of choice available, the biggest issue players face is deciding what type of mobile gambling devices would yield the best gaming experience.

The latest mobile video pokies come jam-packed with high quality graphics, 3D animations and digital sound. As with their online counterparts, mobile video pokies provide an in-depth casino experience that can transport players to world of fun and big wins. It would make sense then that players would want something that could support such a task.

The big question is, should you be playing on a tablet or smartphone?

Tablets vs. Smartphones

If we look at the two side by side, the biggest difference between the two is the screen size. In both cases, they can range from entry level to top of the range. Depending on how much you want to pay, the more cash you fork out, the higher the specs. It is possible to get a much better gaming experience on a high-quality phone compared to an entry-level tablet.

All things being equal the best gambling device guides will tell you that if you want a more immersive experience, you should opt for a top of the range tablet with a larger screen size. This will ensure you get the maximum visual experience while still having the portability option. However, since both of these options are used for multiple functions, it might be more beneficial to have a slightly larger phone that can play multiple roles.

In reality, just about every phone or tablet, and even the entry-level ones, are perfectly suited for mobile pokies, table games, scratch cards and even live dealer games. The difference comes in with the pixel quality look of the game. If the casino has a mobile app, the games have been specifically designed to run on smaller screens and the specific operating system. Unless you want the best possible quality, just about any mobile will do.

Android or iOS?

A lot of mobile gambling device guides fail to address the question of whether it is better to have an iOS or an Android powered mobile for gaming. The truth is that the games themselves are designed to run in exactly the same way on both types of operating systems. Again, it comes down to the specs. The latest iPhone will offer a higher quality experience compared to an entry level Android. However, the price difference between the two would be significant.

Budget and Lifestyle

At the end of the day, choosing a mobile device for online gambling purposes should be factored in with what else you are going to be using it for. If you want to purchase a dedicated tablet specifically for apps and mobile casino games, it may be better to go for a larger screen option with higher specs. If you are planning to use your smartphone to play video pokies, the best mobile gambling device guides will tell you to stick to a phone you can afford and one that will suit your lifestyle in all aspects of what you do. There is no point buying the biggest phone possible just for pokies when you actually want a smaller screen phone for other uses.

Thanks to state of the art technology everyone can enjoy video pokies on the go, and the device you choose can therefor be one that works best for you, and your pocket!