A Casino Glossary for Online Players

There’s terminology that is beneficial for you to have a handle on when you enjoy casino games on your mobile device, and we have compiled a glossary that will keep you up to date in terms of the most frequently used words and phrases. Some of these are specific to the world of online gambling, and others are linked to land-based play, but knowledge is power, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Terms You Need To Know

Advantage Player: This phrase refers to a player that holds some kind of gain over the casino.

Ante: A wager that is required in certain casino games before the hand or round has begun.

Banker: This is another word for the house or dealer.

Bankroll: The total amount of cash you have to gamble with.

Bonus: This is a sum of money handed to the player by an online casino in exchange for that player meeting certain requirements.

Card Shark: A card shark is an authority when it comes to card games.

Cash Out: This is the action of withdrawing money from your online casino account.

Cashier: In land-based casinos, this is the area where you would exchange your chips for money, or vice versa. In online casinos, this is the section of the site where you are able to deposit or withdraw money from your account.

Casino Advantage: This is the mathematical advantage that the casino has over its players, and is also sometimes referred to as the House Edge.

Casino Rewards: Almost all internet-based casinos offer players rewards of some kind, usually cash, and this is provided to players based on the amount of time and/or money they spend playing.

Chip Tray: This is the tray that the croupier or dealer uses to hold the house chips.

Chips: These are the tokens used in casinos that represent cash, and they are given in a variety of different denominations.

Cold Streak: This is a long losing run.

Colour Up: This refers to the action of exchanging chips of smaller denominations for larger ones.

Comp Points: Both land- and internet-based casinos will offer you comp points when you play, which can be exchanged for chips later on.

Croupier: This is the French word for the dealer, and is widely used in a variety of other languages to denote the same.

Cut Card: This phrase refers to a plastic card that dealers use to cut the deck in certain card games.

Dealer: This is an employee of the casino who is responsible for dealing the cards for games.

Degenerate Gambler: This is someone who gambles habitually and to excess.

Deposit: This is when you add funds to the account you hold with the online casino you are playing at.

Download Casino: This refers to a certain kind of online casino in which you are required to download software to your device in order to play the games you are interested in.

Edge: This is the advantage either the house or the player holds in a casino game. Generally the edge belongs to the house.

Eye in the Sky: This describes the overhead cameras that casinos make use of in order to keep an eye on the tables.

Flash Casino: This is a kind of online casino that lets you play real money games from within your browser, so named because it uses Flash technology to do so.

Gambler’s Fallacy: The mistaken belief that the result of an arbitrary event can be influenced by those preceding it.

High Roller: This refers to players who put big stakes down on their games.

Hot Streak: This is a long run of winning.

House: Casinos are referred to as the house.

House Edge: This is the mathematical advantage that the casino holds over players during gameplay.

House Rules: The regulations that are particular to a specific casino.

Instant Casino: This is a kind of online casino that does not require you to download software of any kind in order to play.

Jackpot: This is a big prize that is offered for a pre-set game outcome, most typically provided in video poker and slots games.

Layout: This refers to the surface of a gaming table and is the area where you will place your wagers. It is virtually depicted when you play online.

Lobby: This is the area of an online casino where all the available games can be located.

Loyalty Scheme: This is a programme provided by online casinos in order to reward you for the time and money you spend with them.

Live Dealer Games: These are games that you play against human dealers in real time, viewable by means of a live video stream of the game’s actions as they unfold.

Marker: This is an IOU issued by the player when he or she receives credit from a casino.

Maximum Bet: This is the highest possible stake that can be placed in a particular casino game.

Minimum Bet: This is the lowest possible wager that you can place in a specific casino game.

Multi-Hand Games: These refer to casino games where you are able to play more than one hand at any given point in time.

Multiplayer Games: These are online casino games where you play with other players rather than enjoying on your own.

Non-Sticky Bonus: This a type of reward provided for by online casinos, which you will be able to withdraw once you have met the requirements attached to it.

Payout Percentage: This is the approximate return that a casino pays out over time, articulated as a percentage of the total amount of bets that have been placed on a game or casino.

Payout Table: This is a table that displays the pertinent payouts for each of your wagers on table games, or details the winning combinations on video poker and slot machine games.

Phantom Bonus: This is a kind of reward that online casinos provide, which is removed from your account when you cash out.

Reload Bonus: This is a kind of reward that online casinos make to their existing players in return for new deposits.

Shoe: This is the box from which cards get dealt in casinos, rendered virtually at internet-based places to play.

VIP: This is a high-value player that gets special treatment from the casino, a Very Important Person/Player.

Wager: This is a bet made at online or land-based casinos.

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