Mobile Pokies Odds Explained

Online pokies results are determined by random number generators and there really is no way of guaranteeing a game will end in your favour, but you can play smart and shop amongst the best pokies games to increase the chances of you having a more profitable outcome.

Pokies games are games of chance and rely on luck, which means you do not need any skill to play. The selection is simply mind blowing and varying with all types of pokies offering various bonus and jackpot features. The most important thing to look for when choosing a more potentially profitable online pokies game is to look for those with high return to player rates.

This is the pay out percentage which is the amount given back to players in the form of wins versus what has been bet on the game in a specific time frame. This is the best chance of tilting the odds in your favour. Different types of pokies can also make the difference between having higher winning chances.

How Multipliers Increase Winning Odds

Having multipliers in an online pokies game does not necessarily mean you are guaranteed a win but what it does mean is that any win could be multiplied to make it even larger. Pokies multipliers can range up to 100x the bet for certain bonus symbols or combinations on active pay lines so it is beneficial to play pokies with multipliers if the payout percentage is high too.

Multipliers vary between all of the pokies games but they tend to be some sort of bonus reward during free spins, rewards for landing bonus symbols or they can increase with respins and so on.

The Odds of Winning Progressive Pokies

Progressive jackpot pokies are quite enticing because progressive jackpots tend to amount to massive sums of money. The progressive jackpots start at a fixed amount and increase with every bet placed on any pokies within the network for that specific jackpot. The amount increases until a player wins at which time the amount resumes to the original fixed jackpot amount.

There is no way of increasing the odds of winning a progressive jackpot, as a random number generator also determines the outcome of the game. The best way forward is to maintain a bankroll and play as much as possible in the hopes that the progressive jackpot is won. Fair random number generators and high payout percentages are important.

Progressive jackpots can be associated with one specific pokies game, a variety of pokies found at one specific online casinos or a whole network of online pokies from one specific developer. Some online pokies games with progressive jackpots offer mini jackpots, medium jackpots and large jackpots too.

Odds on Multi-line Online Pokies

The selection of multi-line pokies available online is incredible, and the way in which wins are won or multiplied with these types of pokies is by betting more coins to activate more pay lines which in turn increases the payouts or potential for landing wins on more active pay lines.

These online pokies games tend to be three, five and nine pay line games where an additional coin activates the next pay line. Landing a win on the last pay line activated means the jackpot payout is much higher as each pay line has a different value. However, the lesser valued symbols will typically pay out the same regardless of which pay lines the combination lands on.  

There are occasions where all pay lines need to activated in order to win the smallest pay out for perhaps one or two cherry symbols.