Why Lotto Is A Popular Mobile Casino Game in New Zealand

It may come as a surprise to some, but pokies are not the only popular mobile casino games in New Zealand, despite the fact that spinning reels is something of a national pastime. Lotteries, Keno, and scratch cards can give them a run for their money, and for good reason.

As you might expect, or hope, of gaming options suited for smartphone and tablet, most of them are incredibly simple. While you may need to wait for draw days for some of them, others offer you chances to win instantly. The various mobile lottery games and other options available are a refreshing change to the more familiar pokies, and can be just as, if not more, rewarding.

Lotto New Zealand

Approved by the Cabinet in February 1986 and established in June 1987, Lotto NZ offers several different gaming options. All of them are among the most popular mobile casino games in New Zealand.

They include twice-weekly draws with a NZ$1 million prize pool, Lotto Strike, Keno, Bullseye, and Instant Kiwi real money mobile games such as Wheel of Fortune, Viking Cash, and Our Back Yard. Powerball and Strike are optional. You can choose to take the options whenever you purchase tickets for the main draws, which take place on TVNZ 1 Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

A 2012 survey revealed that 54% of Lotto players were male, and 46% were female. Among men and women, the majority of players were age 35 and older.

How to Play

You can purchase tickets on your mobile device, and even set up a ticket subscription for a specified time period. When buying tickets for one of the most popular mobile casino games in New Zealand, you can choose 6 numbers of your own, or you can take a Dip, and let the software select numbers for you.

The main draws of the mobile lottery games see 6 regular balls and 1 bonus ball drawn from a collection of 40 by a Smartplay Halogen II machine. 6 matching numbers are needed to win the top prize. If you add 4 Lotto Strike numbers to your ticket, they will need to match the first 4 main draw numbers in order for you to win the additional payout.

With a minimum top prize of NZ$4 million, Lotto Powerball is one of the top real money mobile games. If you add a Powerball number between 1 and 10 to your ticket, it will need to match the number drawn by a separate machine, and it needs to be on a winning Lotto line.

Other Lottery Entertainment

Other mobile casino lottery games that enjoy support in New Zealand include Keno and scratch cards. Whether you choose Lotto NZ’s Keno, which offers 4 draws every day, or one of the options available at the best casinos online, the basic format is the same.

When playing Keno, you also need to select several numbers on a ticket. A draw then takes place, and the more numbers that match, the more you win.

The simplicity of online scratch cards is one of the reasons they are among the most popular mobile casino games in New Zealand. To play most of them, you simply need to place a bet, and then remove the covering that conceals various symbols. You can do this either by clicking each block on the playing area, or by clicking a button that reveals all symbols simultaneously.

Most cards require at least 3 matching symbols to win the amount indicated on the pay table. In some real money mobile games, the cards feature Wild symbols and multipliers that can help create and increase wins.

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