Skill-Based Casino Games

A full online casino experience involves lots of different kinds of games. Some are based purely on chance, such as Keno, ScratchCards and, of course, our favourites – Slots games. These are enjoyable because of the adrenaline rush of their instant action. Waiting to see if you’ve won, and not being able to do anything to influence that, is thrilling in its own right.

In addition to chance-based games, the online casinos that we recommend also feature a great line-up of skills-based games. These generally do involve an element of chance, but they also require quick thinking and shrewd moves. The skills that you need to do well in these games develop over time, as you play more and gain insight.

Examples of Skill-Based Casino Games

Any online casino game that requires you to make decisions and moves that influence the outcome of the game is drawing on your skills, and is a skill-based game. You usually need to take action in response to certain events that are randomly determined, which is where the element of chance comes in with skill-based games.

Blackjack, for example, is a hugely popular skill-based casino game. You can’t influence the cards that are dealt to you, but you can decide what to do in response to the hand that you get. The same is true for editions of Video Poker: the first 5 cards that you get are randomly determined, but based on what they are you decide how many of them to discard and replace.

For both Blackjack and Video Poker, you need knowledge of the odds of the game and which cards work well together. Poker card games demand even more skills of you. Not only do you need to know how the cards behave and how the odds work, you also need to manage your behaviour and notice the behaviour of your tablemates. You need to be bluffing successfully and detecting whether other players are bluffing or not. And of course, in all of these games, you need to be familiar with the different rules that each variation has.

Betting Strategy Games

In addition to instant, chance-based games and skill-based games, there are also casino games where strategy comes down to the bets that you place. Nothing you do influences the outcome, but by understanding the odds you can manage the bets that you place and do better over time as you play more rounds.

A good example of a game based on betting strategy is Roulette; you can’t change how the wheel spins or where the ball lands but you do know the probability of each outcome. Baccarat is another enjoyable betting strategy-based game, as is Red Dog. There are plenty of different strategies to learn about and try out, and you’ll soon find what works for you.

Try to include some of every kind of casino game in your playing sessions. The skill-based games are rewarding and will make you think, but can be perfectly balanced with some instant action too!