Smartphones or Tablets: What’s Best for Mobile Casino Games?

When online casinos exploded onto the scene in the 1990’s, the gambling landscape was changed forever. Now the mobile casino revolution is in full swing, and is moving at an even faster pace. There are a lot of factors to consider when playing this way, and although choosing the best mobile casino games is an important one, it is far from the only concern.

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One of the other things you need to decide is what kind of device you want to play on – a smartphone, tablet or phablet. A lot of factors can influence this choice, and in the end it needs to be made on a case-by-case basis.

Larger Screen Sizes are More Immersive

The mobile casino games in New Zealand are among the finest in the world, and the graphics and touchscreens of the newest generation of handheld devices are equal to each other, so they are both fully compatible with them.

Ultimately, however, the larger screens do more justice to the incredible quality of modern games. You’ll still have great experiences on your smartphone, but they will simply not be as immersive. In an ideal world, then, everyone would be able to play this way. But that’s not where we live, and several other concerns come into play.

Different Devices Work Better for Different Things

Most people will not be using their device for mobile casino play only, so the other functions need to be taken into account. Taking the perfect picture and posting it to social media is easier with a smartphone, because of its smaller size. Larger tablets, on the other hand, are better for things like spreadsheet management; document editing, and other work-based tasks.

Choosing the Hardier Option

If you often knock or bump your device, a tablet might be the best idea for you as they stand up to damage better than smartphones do. They also tend to have superior battery life, which is important when gambling on the go. You’re less likely to have your play interrupted when enjoying the best tablet casino games around than you are when playing their smartphone counterparts.

Phone Calls and Functionality

Being able to receive and make calls and communicate via text messages is a basic essential of modern life. While no longer the only important function of a mobile device, this facility remains indispensable, and although some tablets offer this functionality, it’s not standard, and comes with its own set of issues.

If everyone could have both handheld devices, with money and portability not being issues, the ideal way to play would be to enjoy the fantastic tablet casino games in New Zealand and use a phone for other functions. When this is not possible, are phablets a good compromise?

The Pros and Cons of Phablets

Feature-rich devices with 5- to 6-inch screens, phablets allow phone calls and messages while also providing better graphic displays than most smartphones. Their processing capabilities are equal to tablets’ too, making them a good choice for anyone who needs their mobile device to perform high-intensity functions.

Remember, however, that some of the advantages of other handheld devices are lost in the compromise that phablets strike. They are not as portable as phones, and taking pictures and calling with them is not as easy. In addition, though their screen displays are excellent, they still not as large and impressive as what you’d get with a tablet.

Choose What Works for You and Your Gaming

In the end, you’re going to have to think about what you need from the devices in your life, and what is actually possible. Whatever you decide on, the best way to go about your gambling is to choose where to play based on our mobile casino reviews!

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