Mobile Gambling Devices - Tablets vs. Smartphones

For most New Zealand casino enthusiasts playing mobile games is far more convenient than having to log on at home via desktop or laptop computer. Mobile casinos give players the freedom to play their favourite pokies and casino games at home, on the go or wherever the mood strikes.

Since just about everyone has a smartphone or tablet with them at all times, playing real money games is just a screen swipe away. With mobile gambling, one question that gets asked quite often is which mobile gambling devices are best for playing online? Is it better to play on one or the other? The question has been around for some time now with advocates on both sides of the argument. Let’s take a look.

Screen Size

If we take a look at the fundamental differences between the two, tablets generally have a bigger screen with 7” to 10” screens being the most popular at the moment. In comparison, the latest iPhone has a screen size of 5.8 inches. Having a bigger screen means you get a more immersive experience if the specs are high enough to handle HD. However, the best gambling device guides will advise you to look at more than just the screen size.


The specifications of a mobile greatly determine the type of gaming experience you can enjoy. If you have a tablet at home, this does not automatically make it ideal for playing on the go. In many cases, a smartphone will actually have a faster processor, a higher pixel density and a sharper screen display. This is not to say you cannot get top-quality tablets. The latest iPad or Android is comparable to even the best mobile phones. What we are saying is that you should always choose specs over screen size.

Android vs. iOS

It is now time to focus on the great, often argued over debate between Android and iOS.

Aside from the social image and usability of each operating system, there isn’t much that can differentiate the two in terms of online gaming. The best mobile gaming device guides will always tell you to buy a tablet or smartphone based on personal preference and lifestyle before you think about online gambling. In truth, there is little difference between the casino apps and games designed for iOS and those designed for Android, and you’ll find quality versions for both, so you should stick with the OS that really works for you.

How to Choose

If you are struggling to decide on an iPhone verses the latest Android phone, you can take comfort in the fact that the games themselves run equally well on both platforms. It all comes down to the specs of the handheld. The faster the processor, the bigger the screen and the higher the pixel density, the more in-depth your mobile casino experience will be. In most cases, choosing what to buy is limited by your budget and your lifestyle. The good news is that even the most basic, entry level Android device is more than capable of running casino apps and games without any issues.


There are plenty of gaming device guides that focus on popularity of the individual devices themselves and the apps available. The general trend is towards smartphone gambling over tablets. This is simply down to the fact that these phones are more versatile and are used more often. Subsequently, the games and apps available for phones are more prevalent, although many of the Android operating systems can be found across a variety of handheld options.

At the end of the day, choosing what platform to play your favourite casino games on should be based on where you are going to play, your budget and what else you are going to be using your mobile for.