Video Poker vs. Table Poker- Know the Difference

Video Poker works really well in mobile casinos. Its simple graphics and instant action are perfect for players on the go. Learn a little more about the game here and how it differs to table Poker, and then try it for yourself.

Video Poker Basics

Video Poker games usually involve a single deck of cards. You place your bet of up to 5 coins, and are dealt 5 cards which appear on your screen all at once. Your job is to try to build the best hand that you can, according to standard Poker rankings.

You can choose how many cards you want to exchange as you try to create a better hand, or if you are happy with your hand you can choose to exchange none at all. Whatever you decide to discard and replace, it all needs to be done in a single turn. After that, you are paid out according to what is in your final hand.

A lot of people say that Video Poker is an interesting mix of the qualities of slots games and the qualities of table Poker games. The simple gameplay, instant thrills and pay-outs are a lot like what you would find in a slots game, and the elements of strategy and the hand rankings that are used are inspired by table Poker. We’ve listed the similarities and the differences between the 2 types of poker more fully below.



Both Casino Games Have a Place

Video poker is really only possible due to the much older game of table Poker, borrowing from it heavily since first being released in the 1970s. Both games are hugely enjoyable, but they entertain you in different ways: Video Poker is played only by oneself, whereas Table Poker you play against the dealer and in some cases with others as well.

Enjoy the quick action of video poker on its own, or as the first training ground on your way to the more cerebral pleasures of table Poker. You’ll get a chance to familiarise yourself with the way the cards work, and the hand rankings, before taking on the more complex world of bluffing and other poker rules.

Either way, at the end of the day, both games should have a place in your heart and on your playing line-up. The best mobile casinos to enjoy them are recommended right here!