VIP and Loyalty Programmes

The majority of the best mobile casinos in New Zealand recommended by us have what is referred to as a loyalty programme, or VIP programme. Loyalty programmes are designed to give loyal players massive benefits and bonuses, keep them smiling and eager to come back to the casino again and again. If one of our recommended online casinos has a loyalty programme, it is absolutely essential that you join it!

But perhaps you’re not familiar with how loyalty programmes work, exactly. Let’s take a closer look so you know exactly what to expect and to ensure you reap maximum rewards.

Joining a Loyalty Or VIP Programme

Many of our top rated Kiwi-friendly mobile casinos will automatically enlist players into the loyalty programme, without any additional sign up or action required. Upon an account being created and verified, the new player will instantly become eligible for loyalty programme benefits. As far as convenience goes, you certainly can’t go wrong with this approach. Simply regularly checking on how far up the reward programme tiers you’re climbing, or how many free credits or points you’ve racked up is all that is required!

Some of our other top rated casinos require that the loyalty programme be joined manually. In this case, the section of the casino titled Loyalty programme, or VIP programme, will have to be navigated to manually. Upon arriving, the loyalty programme can be joined by simply tapping the appropriate option. And that’s it; a player will now be part of the loyalty programme and ready to claim rewards!

Loyalty Programme Systems

A loyalty or VIP programme is simple and easy to understand. The basic idea is that the more time you spend at a casino having fun and playing games, the higher up the loyalty programme tiers you will climb, or the bigger the rewards will be. Upon having reached a loyalty programme benchmark, a reward of some kind will be granted. The rewards in question will vary from casino to casino, but may consist of things such as free spins on the pokies machines, free bonus cash, or even special prizes such as gadgets, exotic holidays or cruises!

The higher you climb up the list, the more valuable the prizes will become, until often entering into a range where extremely valuable prizes are granted. A new prize should never be too far away, and you will always feel as if another prize or bonus is just around the corner. Be sure to check on your progress regularly, and perhaps put in an extra hour of play time or two, just to make sure progress is regular.

Big Bonuses And Prizes

As already mentioned, prizes will vary depending on which of our top rated Kiwi mobile casinos you decide to visit. A popular loyalty programme reward is a certain number of free spins on the online pokies machines. Note that the spins may apply only to certain pokies games, but the cash won will still be going straight into your account. Also keep in mind that the free spins will, obviously, only be for the casino whose loyalty programme you’re enlisted in.

Another popularly given loyalty programme prize is free bonus cash. The amount of bonus cash given will vary, and will likely be more the higher up the loyalty programme ladder you climb. Bonus cash may also be restricted to certain games, and will also likely have terms and conditions attached. Be sure to read the terms and conditions, so that no mishaps occur when spending the cash.

In the case of some of our top rated casinos, the highest tier prizes will even consist of amazing prizes with enormous value. Such prizes may involve free evenings at popular restaurants or other entertainment venues. Or, even such amazing things as free holidays, or daytime passes into real world casinos. Check and see what the top tier prizes are at our top rated casinos, and start working your way up as soon as possible!

Loyalty Programme and VIP Tips

Make no mistake, loyalty programmes are real and eager to have you start reaping the many rewards as soon as possible. Be sure to check your progress on the loyalty programme regularly, and make notes of the particular prizes you’re eager to claim. And always keep in mind, progress up the ladders tends to happen a great deal faster than you might assume.

Don’t forget, though, that the progress indicators will only climb if time is being spent playing real money mobile casino games, and not just for being present on the website. Some unscrupulous players think that simply leaving the casino open and having a cup of coffee will count. It won’t - you need to actually play!

For more information about a particular casino’s loyalty programme, be sure to contact the customer support team. You may find out that there are other bonuses up for grabs and these are exclusively for those who get in touch, or who simply play on their mobile!