Understanding Online Casino Bonuses

MobileCasino.co.nz has compiled a list of the very best licensed and regulated mobile casinos for players from New Zealand. You can simply browse our offerings, choose an online casino that suits your needs, and get started playing without worrying about your safety or security. We also keep an eye out for the best online casino bonuses around, and provide the information on the various types of these right here for your convenience.

The Signup, or Welcome, Bonus

Signup bonuses are among the most frequently offered promotions that mobile casinos for players from New Zealand make available, and were designed in order to attract new customers by offering them a good deal. These bonuses are variously packaged, and will differ significantly from casino to casino, but are made up of a combination of the following types of deals in order to welcome you to the world of mobile casino game play.

The No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit bonus offers are amongst the most popular, and provide you with a way to try out the products and services of an mobile casino you are unfamiliar with, without having to risk any of your own money.

They are provided to players who are registering at a new mobile casino for the first time, and will have funds or games available to you before you have actually made your 1st deposit. These are generally not overly big, and range from between NZ$5 and NZ$25, but they do allow you to play, essentially, for free. These offers will have requirements attached, and limitations in the form of how much money can be withdrawn and when, but are very valuable nonetheless, and highly recommended.

The Match Bonus for New and Returning Players

This online casino bonus is available for both new and returning players, and has been structured so that the casino matches you, dollar for dollar, on the total amount you have chosen to deposit into your account.

This is free money, but you do need to commit a certain amount of your own money first, and it should be viewed as a system which allows you to increase your bankroll right from the get-go.

Percentage Bonuses

Percentage Bonuses are a subgroup of Match bonuses, and refer to the amount of money the casino is willing to commit to you when you first open your new account, or have returned and are receiving this bonus as part of a loyalty programme. These vary in size, and will frequently change in order to incorporate whatever current promotion the online casino in question is currently running. Examples include 50% Match bonuses, 100% Match bonuses, and 200% or higher Match bonuses.

Reload Bonuses for Returning Players

Reload bonuses are offered to players in order to encourage them to return, and sees the mobile casino offering them a reward for topping up their accounts. There is usually a minimum deposit amount required, and this bonus will sometimes be attached to the reward level available as part of a loyalty programme.

Loyalty Bonuses for Dedicated Players

As is suggested by the name of this bonus, the Loyalty offer is comprised of some kind of reward for players who have built up a history with a casino. Mobile casinos for players from New Zealand offer plenty of these rewards and they can be incredibly generous.

There is a VIP status attached to this bonus, because many mobile casinos do not make details about these rewards available to the general public, and are very selective about who receives them. The rewards can include anything from TV’s and gadgets, to tickets to various events, to special offers and discounts for mobile casino game play, and are well worth exploring if you are the kind of player who enjoys revisiting particular casinos.

To make sure you enjoy the very best experience when you play at mobile casinos for players from New Zealand pick a site that we suggest, and claim bountiful bonuses right from the beginning!