Understanding Wagering And Playthrough Requirements

Bonus offers are found at all online casinos. They are a great way to attract new players but naturally, a casino will not just give away free money.

All bonuses will feature playthrough requirements that essentially ensure a player will remain loyal to a casino for a set period of time, if they choose to accept a bonus offer.

What Is The Playthorugh Requirement?

When a player signs up to an online casino, they can take advantage of many different bonus offers. Once you accept any bonus promotion, you will also accept the wagering or Playthrough requirements.

What this promotion entails is that a player will receive a cash amount from the casino to either add to his current funds or to provide him with funds if no deposit is made upon completing your sign up.

A Player’s account will be limited to deposits and playing real money games, but he or she will not be able to make withdrawals. Any time you win a cash amount in a real money game, it will be banked in your account but you will only be able to make a withdrawal once you have met the wagering requirement.

How Playthrough Requirements Work

Lets us take an example. Let’s say a casino offers you a bonus of $100. The playthrough requirements are always related to the bonus you have received. Let’s, as an example, say the wagering requirement is 20x.

This means that you will need to wager $20 x 100 in the casino before you can get access to your funds. The 20x or 10x or 50x notation is standard amongst casinos when setting out the wagering requirements.

Once you have met these wagering requirements, you will get full access to your funds and you can withdraw any jackpot or bonus cash that is in your account.

When Do Wagering Requirements Come Into Play?

As soon as you have accepted a bonus offer, the playthrough requirements will come into effect, limiting your account withdrawals. The bonuses players can expect to be offered include:

 Meeting Your Playthrough Requirements

There are a few things players can keep in consideration when they wish to meet their playthrough requirements as fast as possible.

Find The Most Player Friendly Requirements

Not all online casinos will give you the same playthrough requirements as there is no industry standard. That said, since the online casino marketplace is already so competitive, there appears to be some general consensus on what is a reasonable playthrough requirement.

You can check our recommend casinos to easily find the most reputable casinos offering reasonable wagering requirements. This will save you the effort of reading through the fine print of other online casinos’ bonus agreements.

At the end of the day no bonus offer is forced upon players. These offers should only be accepted if you feel that you can meet their requirements. If these requirements seem reasonable to you, the bonuses you obtain are well worth it.