Casino Bonuses Make Playing Even Better

All of the online and mobile casinos that we review for you here are trustworthy and above board, and if you know that, then you can choose where to sign up based on your personal preferences, playing style and needs. The first thing a lot of people consider is, of course, what games are available. This is an essential concern, but it’s not the only thing to think of by a long shot.

Since online and mobile casinos are all competing against each other and vying for your business, they need to give you reasons to choose their site rather than another one with similar games. Offline casinos have to do this too, but they can use comps for drinks, food, hotel rooms, shows, spas and other pampering treats to make the whole experience more enticing to players. Online casinos can’t do that, but they have something equally great: casino bonuses.

Bonuses are awarded in many different situations at online and mobile casinos, and they will always allow you to play longer and win more. They can form part of other promotional deals, such as with free spins, or come on their own. The extra funds they award may be used on any game, or you may have to use them on specific games that the casino is trying to promote. Sometimes you even get to keep real cash!

Casino Bonus Situations

Casino bonuses are very beneficial to you, but they’re also great for the casinos you’re playing at. Not only do you stay where you are and keep spending money, but they can use the rewards to encourage certain behaviours. That’s why you’ll often see ‘Happy Hour Bonuses’ for players who visit at a certain time of day, ‘Referral Bonuses’ for those who recruit new members, ‘Reload Bonuses’ for every deposit made, and ‘High Roller Bonuses’ for players who make especially large deposits. Many casinos in New Zealand also give specific ‘Mobile Bonuses’ to gamblers who use their smartphones or tablets to play.

Awarding bonuses for playing a particular game or using a particular transaction system also helps the casino influence your behaviour, and bonuses may be given in other situations too – very commonly, the online and mobile casinos in New Zealand give them to players on their birthdays. They may be based on a specific holiday or event, may occur on specific weekly or monthly cycles, or may simply exist in their own right.

Aside from varied bonus deals, most online establishments also run lucrative Loyalty Programmes. These reward every real money bet that is made, so they can go a long way towards encouraging frequent playing and spending. Bonuses are often among the top perks that casino members get for their continued loyalty, although you’ll get lots of other special treatment too.

The most lavish online and mobile casino bonuses, however, are reserved for the sign-up rewards that newly-registered players are welcomed with. Since these are used to entice new members, it makes sense. They’re usually pretty spectacular (as they should be), but be careful not to be so dazzled by them that you forget to check the Loyalty and other regular bonus deals before you commit.

Bonuses are Awarded in Different Ways

When you receive a bonus from an online or mobile casino, the credits might go directly into your casino account or you might be given a code that you need to enter in order to access them. You might also get to keep whatever winnings you generate as actual cash, or they may be awarded as casino credits. Either way, you get to keep playing and having fun for longer, and since you would have been betting and putting money down anyway, it can really be a win-win situation for you.

A Quick Word of Caution

You do need to be careful with online casino bonuses. While they can be a win-win situation, they are not always this way. Remember, first and foremost, these sites are businesses too, and every business needs to turn a profit. No matter how great a bonus is given to you, casino proprietors would be fools if these didn’t ultimately benefit the site just as much as they do the player.

Check that the playthrough requirements (how many times you have to bet the bonus amount before you can cash out) are not too steep and that you will be able to use the bonus in the period given. You also need to be sure that you are happy with the games you are required to use your bonus on if this is a condition, and that you are happy to get casino credits rather than cash if this is the case. No matter how fantastic a bonus is, if it is not suited to you, it’s not a good idea.

Different Casino Bonus Types

There are three main types of bonus structures at almost every online and mobile casino in New Zealand, and these are used in all situations in which bonuses are given. They are:

Bonus deals may also combine the different types of bonus structures, awarding different amounts of bonus credits for a few successive deposits. Again, this is most commonly seen when a Welcome Bonus is broken into a few different stages.

Never Allow Yourself to Settle

The most important thing to remember about online and mobile casino bonuses is that they need to work for you. The sites are trying to keep you happy; after all, you are the customer. That means you should never have to settle, and you should never allow yourself to do that.

If the bonuses at an online casino don’t suit you, there are enough high-quality options in New Zealand that will. If you don’t make large deposits, then don’t choose a casino that focuses on High Roller Bonuses. And if you often play at a specific time of day or get your friends to sign up, look for casinos with generous Happy Hour or Referral Bonuses.

It’s important that online and mobile casinos give you the respect you deserve, and the bonuses that they offer are a good measure of that. If they don’t offer generous Loyalty, Welcome and other regular casino bonuses, they are not worth your time. Keep looking; you’ll soon find a casino that is. Our reviews are, of course, the perfect place to begin your search!