Definitive Blackjack Guide

Blackjack is by far the most recognisable casino card game in the world, yet many players in New Zealand are unfamiliar with how it’s played and the many strategies that exist to increase the chances of success. Blackjack has taken centre-stage in many films, TV series and books, and this has led to the idea that card-counting is the only way to be successful with this intriguing game.

However, by understanding the basics of how to play, remembering a few basic strategies, and becoming familiar with the odds, players in New Zealand could see a vast improvement in their Blackjack play. At we understand that players want to be able to play a wide range of games on the go, and that’s why we only recommend sites that offer a fantastic range of mobile casino games.

How to Play Blackjack

Here are the basics of Blackjack simplified for use of ease.

Blackjack Tips and Strategies

Thanks to the appealing nature of Blackjack, there are many strategy guides available which detail exactly which position to take for every combination of cards, and will tell players exactly which of the 5 positions to adopt: hit, stand, double down, split or surrender.

If players use a strategy card containing these details, they can effectively lower the house edge in a 6-card deck game of Blackjack to a highly sought-after 0.5%, which will be lowered further by finding games that use fewer decks. Many players find the use of strategy cards to be very helpful when getting started and one of the greatest advantages to playing Blackjack online or on your iPhone or Samsung is that you can play at your own pace and consider all the options before making a final decision.

However there are two rules that are easy to remember which will substantially increase your chances of success.

  1. Always split aces and 8s:  if possible, a 2-card comprised of an ace and an 8 should always be split up. There are many possibilities for the splitting of pairs, but this is 1 pair that should always be split. However, never split a hand containing a pair of 10-value cards as 20 is considered to be a very strong hand.
  2. Double Up on 10 and 11: basic Blackjack strategy dictates players should always double up when holding a hand valued at 11. However, if you’re holding a hand of 10 and the dealer is showing an up-card of 9, it is also advised to double up in this scenario. Nearly 30% of a deck is made up of 10-value cards, meaning you have an almost 1-in-3 chance of hitting 21 when holding a hand of 10 or 11!

Blackjack Odds Discussed

Unlike many other casino games, the odds of Blackjack can be determined somewhat accurately and for this reason the odds of the game have been studied extensively. The strategy tables mentioned were created by running every combination of cards through computer programs in order to mathematically predict when to hit, stand, double down, split or surrender, compared to the dealers cards and the number of decks in the shoe.

The best strategy tables will also deal with the odds of winning on each hand as the most successful players strictly make moves based on the probable outcomes. Considering the probabilities and odds in Blackjack are best suited for those that are mathematically minded, and a reliable strategy card takes the odds and probabilities into account.

Finding the Best Mobile Blackjack

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