In any land-based casino, the Craps table is usually the most popular. This is the table where one person stands rolling the dice and everyone else around the table cheers when they roll a 7 or 11. In New Zealand, mobile casino Craps can be just as fun and equally rewarding. If you are new to the game, here is how it works.

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Craps is a casino dice game where the outcome is based on the roll of three dice. The mechanics of the game is fairly simple; it is the betting that can get quite complicated. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to know all the different betting options in order to enjoy playing online. For novice players, the best way to start out is to learn to place a pass line bet and a come bet. From there you can expand as and when you need.

Placing a Pass Line Bet

In a game of Craps, the person throwing the dice is called the shooter. In the mobile version, a player is alone at the table, playing against the house. In a regular game of Craps, any number of players standing around the table can place bets on the outcome of the shooter’s dice roll. The first and most basic bet a player can place is the pass line bet. The pass line bet has payout of 1:1 and simply involves placing chips on the pass line. Once the pass line bet has been placed, the shooter throws three dice onto the Craps table.

The number of each dice are totalled up to determines the outcome of the bet. The first role the shooter makes is called the come out roll. If a pass line bet is placed, a shooter will be hoping to roll a 7 or 11. If this happens, the shooter and anyone else at the table who placed a pass line bet will be paid out 1:1. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3 or 12, he or she will lose their pass line bet. If any other number is thrown, this becomes the point number. From then on, the shooter is trying to roll the same point number again to win the bet. If the shooter rolls a 7 first, she loses the bet.

Come Bets

The second type of bet that can be placed in Craps is a come bet. This can only be placed after the shooter has established a point number. After throwing a non-winning come out roll, the shooter is looking to establish a point number. Once the point number is thrown, players can place come bets which is any other number beside the point number and the 7.

This is an independent bet alongside the pass line bet. It can be used on conjunction with other bets at the table. Every time the shooter rolls your number in search of the point number, you will win even money on your bet. If you have placed a pass line bet at the same time, you will also win even money every time the shooter throws the point number.

Craps is an exciting online casino game, and you can play it at New Zealand’s top mobile casinos too!

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