Roulette Software

In New Zealand, players can go online and play online Roulette games for free or for real money from any PC or mobile device. But for players who are used to playing in a land-based casino, the online version may take some getting used to. Unlike land-based Roulette, online Roulette software uses a random number generator (RNG) to produce the gaming results. While the table layout may look familiar, playing online has one or two small changes that players should take note of.

The Table Layout

When looking for a Roulette game to play online, choosing a casino with the best online casino software will ensure that you get smooth gameplay, high quality graphics and a wide range of betting options. The Roulette software is designed to mimic a real game of Roulette played in a live casino. The game consists of an electronic betting table with the Roulette wheel usually located to the left of the screen. At the bottom of the screen is where players will find the virtual betting chips as well as the game buttons.

Popup Displays and Game Buttons

Most online Roulette games will also have a popup window that will display your most recent bets, the hot and cold numbers as well as a list of the last 10 winning numbers. To get the game started, players can click on any of the virtual casino chips at the bottom of the screen and place them on the table as they would do in a real Roulette game.

The Roulette software automatically deducts the bets from the player’s casino account as soon as the bets are placed. As with any standard game of Roulette, players can place multiple bets on the table including red/black bets, odds/evens bets, thirds and individual numbers.

With online Roulette, the best online casino software will also include a full set of French Roulette bets along with classic European betting layout. Once a player has placed his or her bet on the table, they can then click on the spin button located at the bottom of the screen. The Roulette software will then randomly select a number on the wheel, which is depicted in the classic spinning wheel with the ball dropping into one of the slots.

Placing and Clearing Bets

With all online Roulette games, the winning bets are paid out into the player’s casino account directly. The game will also have a display of the player’s current funds as well as what is being bet and how much the player has won. At the end of each round, the popup screen is updated with the recent winning numbers, as well as the winning percentages of odd and even numbers during the current session.

For the next round, the online Roulette software offers players the option of playing the same bet by simply clicking on the “same bet” button. The software also includes a “clear bet” button to clear all the current bets on the table. Some online Roulette games offer a “quick spin” feature where the results are produced almost instantly to speed up each round.