Mobile ScratchCard Thrills

ScratchCards have been used to raise funds offline for years, at national and local levels. They can be enjoyed at online and mobile casinos too these days, and are proving to be a big hit with players in New Zealand and around the rest of the world. The ScratchCards at the casinos we recommend don’t raise funds for any causes, but they are still fun and rewarding to play.

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ScratchCards work for every online casino player because of their low cost, instant wins and 95% RTP. They work especially well for mobile players because they are so simple and can be fit in to any moment of game time that you can grab. Play them on their own when you don’t have much time, or use them to warm up to and cool down from a proper marathon casino session!

How Do Mobile ScratchCards Work?

Offline ScratchCards have a layer of glue concealing a pattern of symbols, and this layer is scratched away to reveal the line-up. If your card’s pattern matches a pre-set pattern, you’ll win something. Mobile ScratchCards have recreated all this action well, and the patterns are determined using Random Number Generation for complete fairness.

You use your finger on your mobile device’s touchscreen to simulated scratching the glue off the card, making it feel really immersive and authentic. You’ll feel as if you have an actual ScratchCard in your hands. As always, there is a lot more choice at mobile casinos than you would have if you were playing on land. You’ll love the detailed graphics and immersive sounds that create the many different mobile ScratchCard themes that you’ll find.

How Do You Play Mobile ScratchCards?

All you have to do is visit the mobile casino of your choice, and make sure that it offers ScratchCard games. Choose your game, bet level and bet amount. Usually, you can also choose to have single or multiple area cards too.

Most of the mobile casinos that we showcase allow you to play for free as well as real money, so you can try the games out before risking any cash on them. This is also a good option when you just want to enjoy some simple ScratchCard play, without any financial concerns.

Once you’ve swiped your finger over the screen to expose your ScratchCard’s symbols, check the paytable to see if you’ve won something. If you have, this will go straight into your mobile casino account. Then, whether you’ve won or you haven’t, you get to play again. It’s that simple.

Getting the Most from Mobile ScratchCards

To maximise your enjoyment and winning potential with mobile ScratchCards, remember that they’re based purely on chance. Accept that you won’t win all the time, and never chase your losses. Have fun as you play, and look at every win as an unexpected extra bonus. The games move very quickly, so you should also stick to a strict budget to ensure that you don’t lose track of your spending. As always, don’t play with your heart rather than your head and never bet what you can’t afford to lose.

Ready? Get scratching now!

Find the ScratchCards that you really enjoy and stick to those; the games themselves are very similar to each other and pay out very similar amounts, so you will have more fun with the themes and designs that you most prefer. Give yourself enough time to look through your options and find your favourites – this selection process can be a lot of fun in its own right.

Ready? Get scratching now!

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