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Sic Bo has captured the imagination of players for centuries, beginning in the Far East and slowly spreading throughout the world. New Zealand’s favourite Chinese casino game is never more easy or enjoyable than when played using the mobile app available at Mobile Casino!

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Also known as Hi-Low, or Big and Small, Sic Bo is very similar to Craps. The game uses 3 dice, and, after placing bets, players need to guess the totals of rolls of these dice. Deceptively simple, Sic Bo uses different bets to make the game more challenging and more interesting. The game offers players heart-racing thrills as they play just for fun, or for real money and big wins.

Players in New Zealand can enjoy all the rewarding action of this classic game at anytime, anywhere by downloading the Sic Bo app especially developer to run smoothly on Mobile.

Awesome Sic Bo Mobile Features

Sic Bo that’s been optimised for mobile makes playing this fast-paced game a pleasure. As long as players have an active internet connection, they can enjoy action and entertainment in a swirl of HD graphics, including rolling 3D dice and top quality mobile casino sound effects.

An easily-navigable interface makes selecting a game, placing bets, and rolling the dice easy, so players don’t have to worry about overcomplicated game play. The app also saves game statistics with every roll, including the number of times numbers appear on the dice and players’ wins and losses.

Sic Bo App Betting Options

Just as the game is played in land-based and online casinos, Sic Bo that’s compatible with mobile allows New Zealand players to place different types of bets at their leisure.

Among these are Small Bets, betting that the dice total will fall between four and 10; Big Bets, betting that the dice total will fall between 11 and 17; Two of a Kind, betting that a specific number will appear on two of the dice; and Three of a Kind, betting that a specific number will appear on all three dice.

Other bets include Specific Doubles, Single Number, Total Values, Triple, Specific Triples, Evens or Odds, and Three or Four. Payouts depend on bets placed, but Sic Bo can be a very lucrative game.

For the ultimate in exhilarating mobile casino entertainment, try your luck in a game of Sic Bo!

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