Rich Casino

Founded in 2008, Rich Casino seems to have cemented its status as a mobile casino of class, style and sophistication. One of the keys to the success of Rich Casino, outside of its appealing name, would have to be the gaming strategy employed in its sourcing policy, or the way in which the casino has amassed its fun-filled and lucrative casino games. However, it’s not just the games, but the sheer scale and ambition of Rich Casino that has really impressed our panel of gaming enthusiasts. The industry is more competitive these days, so it makes sense for operators to try to offer more. Additionally, it seems to be the key to success. Rich Casino offers all conceivable manner of betting options, and then goes the extra mile to make sure it’s doing its best.

A Rich Diversity of Games

Rich Casino’s ambition defines its gaming options. This casino is simply massive ad you’ll see this for yourself when you proceed to pay them a visit. If you do, odds are you won’t be leaving soon. And why? Everything you could ever want is on offer – especially when it comes to games.

The gaming categories of Rich Casino are as follows:

Notable categories include binary options and sports betting. Don’t get us wrong, each and every category counts and accounts for the extent of your gaming experience, but the inclusion of sports betting and binary trading are more recent additions to the entire industry, meaning that if an operator is offering it, they are progressive.

Mobile sports betting gives you the ability to bet on anything from mixed martial arts to golf, while binary trading lets you play the stock market without procuring any actual stock. This means that suddenly the stock market, always thought to exclude most people, is available to the average person. But wait, we cannot speak about notable mentions without speaking of live dealer casino games. These actual card and table games are also on offer.

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Top Software Providers

Of course, not all these great gaming options would exist without the right software providers, and once again, Rich Casino has chosen well. Firing up the casino with the software that makes the games you’d love to play are:

Progressive Banking

Rich Casino is quite the progressive establishment and we’ll say this due to the fact that is one of the few mobile casinos we’ve come across that accepts Bitcoins. It’s a rarity that we can truly admire. This is a legitimate currency despite what the naysayers might be saying. Aside from Bitcoin, all the usual methods like Visa, Mastercard, EcoPayz, NETELLER and many others are available.


Rich Casino is licensed by the Government of Curacao and regulated by the Curacao Gaming Commission, an organisation that’s supervision is there to ensure the integrity and conduct of services.  If you feel that the casino has not treated you in the right way, then you can take up the matter with the Curacao Gaming Commission directly.

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