The Best eSports Markets In New Zealand

In the world of online betting, eSports has rapidly become one of the most popular markets, with punters putting money down on everything from Dota2 to League of Legends, Counterstrike, Overwatch, FIFA, Rocket League, Call of Duty and more. As with all betting sports, there are a range of popular eSports markets in New Zealand for each tournament or match. For those just starting out, outright betting is a good way to start, but there are plenty of game-specific options that could lead to a bigger payout. To give you the edge, we’ve taken a look at the best eSports market in New Zealand.

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Tournament Winner

With online eSports betting, the tournament winner is the easiest and most commonly placed bet. This simply involves picking the team who you think will win the trophy and the tournament outright.

Match Winner

Match markets are just as popular as tournament, and offer more flexibility. Instead of having to pick the team that wins the tournament, you can choose the winner of any particular match within the tournament. This can be a first match, second round matches or finals.

Group of Winner

This might not be one of the most popular eSports markets in New Zealand, but it does offer a decent chance of winning. With group of winners, you are predicting which group the winning team will come from. For example, group A, B, C or D. Since there are fewer choice, the odds tend to be higher.

Group Winner

Not to be confused with the above option, Group Winner is where you place a wager on a specific team to win their group round (have the most points). In most cases, there are 5 to 10 teams in each group, which makes the odds of winning slightly higher.

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When a match is particularly uneven, online betting sites will offer over/under markets. In this case, you are placing a wager on whether the total score will be above (over) or below (under) the amount predicted by the betting site.


Odd/Evens are actually one of the easiest eSports markets in New Zealand, since the bet is reduced to just two outcomes. Placed on matches during a tournament, odd/evens bets require punters to predict whether there will be an odd or even number of players killed in a match or rounds played.

First Blood

The above listed options are non-specific and relate to just about all eSports matches. Sometimes online bookmakers offer specific options on games like Counter Strike and League of Legends. One of the most popular with first person shooters is first blood. This simply involves picking the team that will make the first kill in the match.

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Knife Round

With games like Counter Strike, it is also possible to place a wager on which team will get the first kill in the knife round. This is very specific, and a wager should only be placed if you have intimate knowledge of the game.

Map Winner

Map winners are often described as the best eSports markets in New Zealand since players are intimately familiar with map rounds. As the name suggest, you are predicting which team in a match will win the specific map round. This goes for games like Counter Strike, DOTA 2 and League of Legends.

Map 1 Overtime

In many games, the map round goes into overtime before a winner is declared. In this case, you are placing a wager on if the map will indeed go into overtime, or not.

Now that you have given your knowledge a boost, you can start wagering and winning on competitive gaming! Sign up with a bookmaker that we suggest and get in on the action.

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