The Ultimate Sports Betting Guide

Online casinos and sportsbooks both offer amazing betting opportunities. Our guide covers everything you need to know about sports betting, the bonuses on offer, the odds involved and the way you can maximise your winning potential. Plus, we explore the differences between betting on sport and putting money on casino games.

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Casino vs. Sports

What a showdown! The ultimate two forms of wagering go head to head! It’s a valid situation to pose. After all, what’s better? Casino betting or sports betting, or in this context, online casino betting and online sports betting? With this in mind, let’s take a look at these two very different but lucrative activities.

But, before we tackle these two giants of the gaming world, it needs to be noted that while the outcomes remain the same, or the goal, if you will, these are two very different forms of wagering to win. While we are talking about two categories of gaming, both have tentacle strands that lead off into all other kinds of ways to play to win. Put another way, both are actually layered in terms of what they offer.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is over a hundred years old and is an entirely different beast. In recent times online sports betting has gained a massive footing around the world and its evolution into mobile sports betting has made the industry all the more popular and lucrative. The genesis of sports betting goes back over a hundred years to horse racing, a sport that catered to people from all walks of life. As the net of sports that could be wager upon broadened, so did the interest in sports betting.

Sports betting, both online and mobile, provides such a diverse package, and this is because sports itself is so diverse. For instance, if you’re into soccer and you support a specific team, you’ll likely monitor everything about the team – the players, the effect of new players on the team, the results of previous matches, the home field advantage, the effect of injured players - you will take all these things into account when placing your wagers. It makes sports betting a much more involved way to bet. This in essence makes sport betting a more involved process, but in a different way. For instance, if you tried a gaming strategy on Roulette, this too would require more involvement on your behalf.

The diversity of online sports betting also makes it very appealing. Everything from boxing and mixed martial arts to rugby and motorsport is available. Most online sports betting establishments offer alternatives like politics, entertainment and even e-sports.  You can elect how you’d like to view your odds and all the odds are provided by professional sports traders. Various types of bets are possible such as parlays and in-play options. Betting on certain attributes of a live game makes it all the more exciting.

Online sports betting also gives players everything they could want from an all in one sports hub. Live streaming of games, times, schedules, upcoming matches, live updates, radio broadcasts – it all forms part of the online sports betting experience.

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Casino Betting

Online casinos and/or mobile casinos really need no introduction. Their online revenue speaks for itself. The online casinos industry is a billion dollar one. Like their land-based counterparts, online casinos offer all manner of ways in which to play and win, segmented mainly into slots, card and table games and video poker. Quite often an online casino will include extras like bingo, scratch cards, virtual sports and keno. These are also known as speciality games.

While online casinos are limited to PC’s and laptops, mobile casinos transcend everything thanks to smartphone technology and allow for most, if not all, those very same games to be played pretty much anywhere.

The majority of web-based casino games are pokies – the same as it is in land-based casinos. Pokies machines rule the roost and the same applies to internet gambling, Classic pokies, progressive pokies and online video pokies are the key categories and quite often a single online casino can offer hundreds of these games.

In more recent times, to stay with the times and get the edge, the online casino industry recently introduced live dealer games. The tech has been around for a while, but commercial success has only started happening over the last few years. If ever there was an ace in the hole, live dealer games would be just that. These games are as real as they come. Table games like Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and Blackjack are manned by croupiers whose friendly and professional demeanour is a great welcome.

There you have it; two very different ways of going about achieving the same goal – monetary rewards. Both forms of wagering possess volatile and unpredictable outcomes. Both offer diversity, both offer incentivised playing, and both can usually be played at one place.

How Wagering Works With NZ Sports Bonuses

Betting online has many advantages, including being able to place multiple wagers on local and international sports at any given time. Another major advantage of betting online is being able to take advantage of the various sports bonuses and free bets available at online betting NZ sites. For those who are new to the world of online and mobile betting, sports bonuses are incentives given to punters when they first sign up, much like a casino would reward players with a welcome bonus.

The online betting industry is extremely competitive and betting sites are constantly coming up with new ways to attract customers and keep them coming back for more. The way they do this is by offering welcome bonuses and free bets.

We aim to bring you everything you need to know for successful, enjoyable online gambling in New Zealand. To give you a helping hand, we also explain various important concepts to you, and one of these is the casino bonuses and promotions that you’ll find. Usually the most generous of these are the sign-up rewards that you get when you register. Learn more about what is good and bad about them, so that you can use the sportsbook and casino welcome offers in New Zealand to maximum advantage.

A Top Tip for Both Types of Rewards

Although these new member deals are meant to entice you and generally come with less strings attached than later bonuses do, it is still very important to check what the terms and conditions are before you agree to anything.

At casinos there are playthrough or wagering requirements that you need to look at, and these set out the number of times you’ll have to wager a bonus amount before you are allowed to cash your winnings out. The same concept is often applied to sports welcome offers in New Zealand and the rest of the world; here you’ll usually find them under the title of “rollover”.

The Benefits of Casino Sign-Up Bonuses

No deposit or other sign up bonuses allow you to try out different games or even different strategies without risking any of your hard-earned greenbacks. In addition, and very importantly, you often don’t have to make a deposit to activate these promotions as you do with later deals. Essentially, it’s a risk-free situation – and whatever you win, you get to keep!

The best casino welcome offers in New Zealand that are awarded after you have made a deposit are often the most generous, you’ll come across, and may well match your deposit dollar for dollar, or even as much as triple or more your money. These rewards increase the amount you can bet, and thus increase your winning potential, especially as more money means that you can play for longer too.

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The Challenges of Welcome Bonusess

While the best casino welcome offer in New Zealand for you might not require any deposit, you may find that the sizable options you really want to use do. You might also be able to use them on specific games only or be required to use them within certain timeframes. And, of course, the playthrough requirements might be incredibly steep.

Benefits to Sportsbook Sign-Up Rewards

A lot of the advantages and disadvantages to new member sportsbook promotions are similar to their gaming counterparts, with a few differences that make them more suited to punting on events.

The extra funds help you try out different markets or different types of wagers, and you often get completely free bets as part of your overall package. We’d even go as far as saying this is a must for any bookmaker claiming to deliver the best sports welcome offer in New Zealand! You also get to place more wagers, in larger sizes, so that your wins are bigger.

Drawbacks to Sportsbook Signup Bonuses

Like wagering requirements, the rollovers could be very stiff – though if you choose carefully you can often find reasonable stipulations for both of these. You will also often see that the extra funds and free bets can only be used for specific markets, wagering types, time frames and minimum odds. In addition, to access the really generous promotions you may well be required to put some of your own cash down first.

Why Betting Sites Offer Free Bets

Before we go into the details of how free bets work, let’s start off by asking why online betting NZ sites offer free bets in the first place? Like the casino industry, the online sports betting industry is highly competitive and betting sites need to find ways to entice punters to sign up with their particular site and stay on as an active member. To do this, they offer welcome bonuses and free bets. However, not all free bets are as lucrative as they sound.

In order to be granted a free bet, punters first have to sign up with the online or mobile betting site and make their first deposit into their betting account. Only then is the free bet awarded. In some cases, the free bet and welcome bonus is one and the same, in other cases, the free bet is separate from the welcome cash-match bonus.

Accessing Free Bets

Free bets come in many shapes and forms, but for the most part will be offered as a cash value such as $25 on your next bet. On the surface, it looks like the online betting NZ site is simply giving you $25 to do with what you wish, in reality, there are a whole bunch of restrictions that are linked to the bet itself. These terms and conditions regulate the type of bet placed, the odds and the market. Before accepting any free bet, always read the T&C’s to ensure you are not getting into something that is just going to end up losing you money.

In some cases, free bets are only given when an equal bet is placed before. So, in order to receive a $20 free bet, a similar $20 bet has to be placed on a specific market at specific odds. The betting sites are not in the business of just handing out free cash. They want to ensure that their money is coming back to them at some point. This is achieved by regulating the type of bet placed, the market and the betting odds.

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Betting Restrictions

In most cases, online betting NZ sites will restrict the free bet to a particular betting market that is not particularly profitable. Also, the betting odds are restricted to avoid paying out high amounts. Generally free bets have to be placed on odds of 2.00 or below. This means the most you can win is double your money. The payouts on free bets also exclude the original stake. So, on a $10 bet at odds of 2.00, your total payout will be $10. This is what you can take home.

Reading the Terms and Conditions

However, before you can actually withdraw your winnings from the free bet, there is another hoop you have to jump through. Most free bets and betting bonuses have a stipulated rollover requirement. This can be anything from 1x to 5x the bet amount. If a betting site is offering a $50 free bet with a rollover requirement of 5x, this means that you will be required to place a total of $50x5 or $250 worth of bets before you can cash out any of your winnings. This is why it is so important to check the T&C’s at a casino or sportsbook to determine if the free bet is worth your while.

Calculating Free Bet Winnings

Just about every sports betting NZ site or international online bookmaker offers free bets or bonuses in some form or another. While there are many different types of promotions, in most cases there are certain terms and conditions that are included in the fine print. Without reading the T&C’s you could end up losing a lot more money that what you win. So how does one go about calculating winnings from a free bet? Let’s find out!

Deciphering All The Info

The first step is to find out exactly what type of reward is on offer. There are at least 4 different types of promotions found online, but in New Zealand, only 2 features regularly. The first is the classic “make a deposit and receive a free bet” promotion. This is known as a cash free bet and is often displayed as a numerical value, such as $20 or $50. On the surface it seems like the site is handing over $50 as a thank you for signing up.

Cash Free Bets

The most important thing to remember here is that bookmakers don’t just give away free money. They make it all back sooner rather than later. In this case you first have to place a wager of your own money before you get your hands on the “free money”. Also, in order to actually receive your reward, you need to place a wager of the same amount at odds of 2.00 or higher, which makes it less likely to win.

Once you have placed your own $50 wager with your own cash, you can use your reward. Again, there are certain stipulations on the odds and in most cases the markets. If you find yourself a decent market and a reasonable punt, calculating your winnings is fairly simple. With decimal odds, multiply your stake by the odds and then subtract the stake because the bookmaker does not allow you to keep your stake. For example, a $50 bet at odds of 3.00 will be 3x50, or $150 minus your stake of $50, so your winnings come out to $100.

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Deposit Match Bonuses

With sports betting in New Zealand, is it is quite common to come across a promo deal where you receive a cash match bonus instead. This is usually a 100% match on whatever you initially deposit. So, if you deposit $100, you receive $100, which you can use to place “free punts”. Again, this is not as cut and dry as it first seems. The bookmaker isn’t just going to hand over $100, they are going to try and make that money back in some way.

With bonus free bets, the terms and conditions attached are quite strict. What usually happens is that you have to rollover your bonus amount a certain number of times before you can withdraw any winnings. The industry standard is 3x or 4x the reward amount, and sometimes the deposit and bonus amount. What this means is that you have to place wagers with your own cash equal to 3x your bonus amount before you get anything out. At least in this case you can keep your stake so calculating your winnings works as per usual.

Completing Rollovers

To successfully complete 4x rollover on a $100 bonus you will have to place $400 down using your own cash at odds of 2.00 or higher before you can withdraw. If this included the initial deposit amount as well, you will have to wager $800 of your own money in order to receive your “free $100” and be able to cash out any winnings. The best sports betting free bets in New Zealand are those that have very low rollover amounts or allow you to place punts with lower odds, and the bookmakers we recommend offer these and other brilliant rewards.

Find the Best Betting Bonuses with Us

Like everything else, the sites that we review for you here come with the best casino welcome offer in New Zealand and the most rewarding sports welcome offers in New Zealand  – or anywhere else in the world, too. Peruse them now, to find the ones that suit your circumstances best, and then get playing, punting and paid out.

One of the advantages of mobile sports betting is being able to access the various bonuses and free bets on offer. Just about every online betting NZ site worth their salt will offer free bets in some form or another. For anyone just getting into sports betting, free bets can be confusing at first and actually lead to a loss of funds, frustration and the closing of an account before you even get started. As with online casino bonuses, free bets come with fine print that should always be read before signing up.

Now you know about the bonuses, take a look at how the odds work and how you can get the best odds online.

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How Sports Betting Odds Work

If you are a beginner in terms of sports betting, grasping sports betting odds can be very difficult. No matter what your level of experience is, understanding this aspect of betting is important for a profitable, enjoyable betting experience. This article will give you an overview of the basics of betting odds, show you how to read the various formats, and help you use them to your benefit.

When you have finished, we have found the best online sportsbooks in New Zealand for you to use your new information at in order to start getting the best odds online.

Decimal and Fraction Odds Differences

In the world of online sports betting, the first step in placing a successful wager is understanding how the odds work. For anyone just starting out, they may appear as a confusing set of numbers tied to a specific market. Knowing how they work and being able to identify whether they are fractional or decimal is key to enjoying a profitable gambling experience. To give you a helping hand we’ve taken a look at the role they play, at decimal and fraction odds in sports betting, how to calculate your winnings and how to calculate implied probability.

Odds refer to the likelihood of an event occurring. With online sports betting, they refer to the likelihood of a team or individual winning the match/game or event. For example, they will give you an indication of the likelihood of Colombia winning the 2018 World Cup. They also tell you how much you can win and how much you will get paid out from the amount you stake.

They are mainly expressed in 2 ways. Decimal odds in sports betting can be expressed as a number with a point, such as 5.20, or in fractional format such as 5/1 (five to one).

Fractional Facts

Let’s start off by looking at fraction odds in sports betting. These are usually found on sites that offer a lot of American or Canadian sports such as Baseball, American Football, and Basketball. Some sites have a handy switcher, which instantly displays them in whatever unit you are comfortable with. However, it is always good to know them all just in case.

With the fractional format, you can calculate your chances of winning by adding the 2 numbers together and dividing the right-hand number by the total.

For example, with 5/1 (five to one) we add the 5+1 to get 6, then divide the 1 by 6 to get 0.16 or 16%. So, a team or individual with 5/1 theoretically has a 16% chance of winning.

If we want to calculate our winnings, we add the 2 numbers together again, and this time divide the total by the right-hand number. This number is then multiplied by your total stake. If we take the above example of 5/1 and we place a $10 wager, then we can calculate our payout as such: First, we add the 5+1 to get 6 and divide by 1 to get 6. Then we multiply by our stake of $10 to get a total payout of $60.

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Decoding the Decimal

Decimal odds in sports betting are slightly easier to understand, as you don’t need to do any equations to see exactly how much you can win. The good news is the most New Zealand-based bookmakers use this format.

It is easy to identify decimal odds in sports betting as they contain a number with a point such as 3.40 or 1.20. The lower the number, the lower the theoretical percentage of winning. To calculate how much you are going to get paid out, simply give the number a monetary value.

For example, 2.50 can be converted to $2.50. This means that for every $1 bet, you will be paid out a total of $2.50, including your initial stake.

To get your final payout, simply multiply your total stake by the odds.

For example, if you wanted to place a $10 bet on a horse at 4.20, then we simply multiply 10 x 4.20 to get a total payout of $42. The actual profit is $42 minus your $10 stake, which comes out at $32.

Now you know a bit more about decimal and fraction odds in sports betting you’ll find it that much easier to place solid wagers.

A Quick Explanation of How to Read Odds

  1. Point Spread

If a football team is -5, they need to win by 6 points in order for your bet to be successful

  1. Over/Under/The Total

If the Over/Under is 40 in a football game, the totals for both teams needs to be 41 in order for the wager to win

  1. Moneyline

If the Moneyline has the 1st team at -150 against the All Whites, you will have to bet NZ$150 in order to win NZ$100. If the 1st team wins, then so will your bet.

These are the 3 forms of regular betting odds that you will generally see at the online sportsbooks we have rated and recommended for you to start betting at. These are the ones you will see immediately and are the most important when it comes to sports betting.

How to Read the Point Spreads

The Point Spread is probably the most commonly found example of sports betting odds, and these bets will be found for all of the most popular sports including football, rugby and cricket. The Spread will tell you which team is favoured by the online sportsbooks you have selected to lay a wager at, and how much. When you bet the Spread, you are wagering that a team will win by a particular amount of points, runs, or whatever the case may be.

In a game between the All Whites and Bafana Bafana, if you are betting on the Point Spread on the All Whites, favoured by 6, then this means that the team will have to win by 7 points or more in order for you to win.

If you are betting the Point Spread on Bafana Bafana, which, as the underdog is getting +6, then as long as they do not lose by 7 or more points, your bet will win. If the All Whites win, but only by 3 points, your bet will still be successful.

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Reading and Understanding Over/Under Bets

The betting odds for the total score, or Over/Under bet, allow you to wager on whether or not the total score between 2 teams will end up being above or below a pre-set amount. You will simply review what the Over/Under is, and then wager on what you think it will end up being. There are Over/Under bets available for almost all sporting events, including Australian Football League, or AFL games; Rugby, National Rugby League and Rugby Union, Basketball, and Cricket games.

The Over/Under sports betting odds will work out differently for each sport. If the number given were 42 for a game in which the All Whites are participating, then you would need a minimum of a 43-point total between the 2 teams. Cricket would ask you to guess at the amount of runs the Black Caps and the team they were playing against managed to score, and Over/Under bets for UFC matchups would ask you at which round the fight would end.

Sometimes with Spread and Over/Under bets you will sometimes find that online sportsbooks have distributed ½ points. These are in place to prevent a Push, which sees no one win or lose. As long as someone wins and someone loses, the sportsbooks will be able to make the money they need to on the juice.

Reading and Understanding Moneyline Bets

When you are looking at getting the best odds online, and who isn’t, another very popular betting type is the Moneyline. This wager asks that you simply select who you think will win the event outright – you will not need to take Point Spreads or any other variables into account. Getting the best odds online for this bet means that you find those that make the team you favour’s winning more profitable for you! Thanks to how simple this bet is, however, the payouts are a lot lower than those offered for Over/Under and Point Spread bets.

When you bet on the Moneyline, the favourite will be given a negative symbol in front of the number assigned it, and the underdog will have a plus sign.

For example, in a match between the All Blacks and the Springboks, with the All Blacks as the favourite would read All Blacks -150, Springboks, as the underdogs, +150.

Getting good odds can be the difference between a small and a big payout, so it’s essential you always shop around.

Online Betting NZ Guide To Live vs. Pre Game Wagers

When enjoying the online betting NZ has to offer punters can choose between pre game and live wagers. Pre-match, or pre-game punts more common, and simply involve putting money on the outcome of an event before it actually takes place. If you’ve spent any time on the sites that we recommend, you’ve almost certainly been doing this.

Live betting, also called in-play, on the other hand, involves making a prediction on an event that is currently taking place. You watch the action unfold, and back the team or player you think will triumph accordingly. This is usually done at half- or quarter-time. The big bonus here is that you get to start small and increase or change your stakes depending on athletes’ performance on the day.

Does this make in-play wagers the better option though? That depends on many factors; the best online mobile sports betting in one situation is not always what is optimal in another. The great thing about pre-game punts is that they give you more options to choose from and provide a more complete understanding and experience of a sport and the bets that can be placed and won.

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Required Betting Insights

Whether you’re engaging in the pre-game or live option, you need to know how the event works, what the odds mean and the details of each type of wager. In both cases research into past performances, injury reports, track or field and weather conditions and anything else that you can find will help you to decide who to back.

With in-play mobile sports betting in New Zealand and around the rest of the world, you’ll be able to watch how these factors influence each other immediately. An unexpected change to a team line-up, for example, could really influence overall performance. By witnessing the effects as soon as you start thinking about them, you’ll gain a more concrete understanding than when you theorise and only get to watch after the fact.

Having said that, most ardent fans do read up on future events, learning what experts think and speculating on what might happen. The trick really comes in being able to look at both types of situations, bring the thinking together, and make insightful decisions for pre-game and in-play bets. Developing this skill takes time, but it’s part of the lifelong journey and is almost as satisfying as landing a big win.

Important Factors For Each Option

There are generally better odds, wider markets and more options for pre-game than live punts, and you don’t have to think as quickly on your feet. To cover the advantage of changing stakes in reaction to what happens live, the in-play option usually has poorer payouts. When you’re backing your favourites this way, managing your bankroll with small, frequent punts is the best strategy.

Since there are more pre-game options, you may be forced to take this route by default on an event. Where both types are offered, remember to always look at the odds carefully before you put any money down. If they are much better for one type over the other, go with what will pay you more.

A lot of people start off with pre-match bets, and then add live wagers to their repertoire as their confidence and experience increases. Whatever you choose, when it comes to online betting, NZ punters have more options available to them than most. Spend proper time doing research and choose from our list of recommended sportsbooks online, and you’ll find the best live sports betting in New Zealand, along with pre-game options that are sure to satisfy just about everyone.

What is an Outright Winner in Online Betting?

When it comes to online casino/sports betting, most bets are placed on an individual game, match or event. With each event, multiple markets are offered, creating an even wider range of bets to choose from. In some cases, betting sites will offer outright bets or wagers on an outright winner. For anyone just starting out, this may seem confusing as any team that wins a match could be deemed the outright winner. However, this is not what is meant by an outright bet.

With online sports betting, outright bets are wagers where instead of betting on the outcome of a single game, you are betting on the outcome of the entire season or competition. Outright bets are also known as future bets and are usually interchangeable at online betting NZ sites. The first betting market to be loaded on an event is usually the outright winner.

Betting on a Tournament or Season

For example, in Tennis, the Australian Open is the first Grand Slam of the year. Before the tournament even starts, online betting sites will offer futures or outright bets on the event. This includes the outright winner of the men’s singles competition, the outright winner of the women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles. This means placing a wager on the person who you think will win the event outright and hold the trophy after the finals.

Once the tournament is underway, the betting sites will introduce match and round betting. Outright bets can be placed on any major sporting event or season. With sports like Basketball or Baseball, it is possible to place an outright winner bet on the team that will win be crowned NBA Champions, MLB Champions and with ice hockey NHL.

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Examples of Outright Bets

With American football, outright winner bets can be placed on conferences such as the Eastern Conference Champions, or on the winners of the Super Bowl.  In soccer, outright bets can be placed on the Premier League, the Champions League, or the Australian A League. It is also possible to place outright bets on horse racing. This is usually reserved for the bigger races such as the Kentucky Derby or the Melbourne Cup. In this case, punters pick the winner of the main race weeks or months in advance.

Advantages of Outright Betting

As with all forms of casino games and the online betting NZ has to offer, outright betting has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of future or outright bets come in with the betting odds. In most cases, the betting odds offered on outright bets are far more lucrative than those offered once the tournament or event has begun.

For example, a betting site might have Novak Djokovic as the outright winner of Wimbledon at odds of 5.60 weeks before the event. If, by the time the event kicks off, both Nadal and Federer have pulled out due to injury, Djokovic’s odds will have dropped significantly as he would the most likely winner. If a fixed odds outright bet was placed in advance, a significant profit could be made.

Disadvantages of Outright Betting

The downside of outright betting is that you never really know what is going to happen in few weeks or months’ time. If the same bet was placed and Djokovic drops out before the competition even begins, the bet is lost. The same goes with horse racing. While the outright winner odds might be inviting, there is a distinct possibility that the horse you are backing will not even run come race day.

Outright winner bets are far riskier than match or tournament bets. Picking a winner would be influenced by historical statistics and predicted form for the upcoming tournament. While the risk is higher, the payoff is generally a lot bigger and many online betting NZ enthusiasts opt for this type of wagering simply for this reason.

Understanding Parlay Bets

While there are many different types of wagers that you can place online, Parlay bets are particularly lucrative if you have the knowledge and skills to make them work. It doesn’t matter what sport you are betting on, if you are confident about the results of two or more events, then you should consider a Parlay.

The wager might be slightly riskier than what you are used to, but the payouts are worth the risk. If you are keen to try your hand at this type of sports betting, keep reading and we’ll tell you more.

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What is a Parlay Bet?

A Parlay is a name for a wager where you are combining two or more bets onto a single betting slip. These are also referred to as multi-bets. For example, if there is a sevens Rugby tournament coming up and you are fairly confident that South Africa will win against Canada, New Zealand will win against Wales, and Fiji will win against Japan, then instead of putting money individually on each game, you can combine all three into a single slip. The reason you would want to do this is because you will get much higher odds on a combined wager than on three separate ones. This translates to more sports betting winnings in your pocket at the end of the day.

Parlay Betting Options

There are three main types of Parlays that feature with sports betting in New Zealand. The first is the match or money line, the second is the over under and the third is the handicap bet.

Match bets are the most popular since they simply require you to pick the winning team or individual, regardless of what the score is. Over/under bets are based on the total score, but are also incredibly easy to understand. Before the match even starts, the bookmaker will set a total that is the combined score of both teams for the match. The wager requires you to predict whether the actual score will be above (over) or below (under) the total posted.

Parlay bets can also be placed on handicaps. This is usually offered where the two teams are unevenly matched, and the result is a foregone conclusion. The bookmakers will then give the underdogs a virtual points advantage. If you put money on the underdog, the bet can still be successful even if the team doesn’t win; so long as they lose within the required point margin.

The Pros and Cons

The advantage of Parlay bets is easy to see. Every time you add an additional wager to the same slip, the odds increase exponentially. For example, if you were to place three separate wagers on the above Rugby games, you may receive odds of 3.00, 2.50 and 5.00. If you put down $20 on each one, you could expect a total payout of $210. However, if you combined them into a single parlay, the odds would increase to 37.50 or higher. If you took the same $60 at odds of 37.50, your potential payout would be $750.

The downside of this type of sports betting is that the risk is much higher. To pay out, every single one of the three wagers on the slip must be a winner. Even if two out of the three are correct, you lose your stake. This is particularly frustrating with larger multi-bets where you have six or seven sections and five wins, and one loses. You have to be fully confident about every single selection you place in order to truly profit from this type of sports betting in New Zealand.

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