Royal House Live Dealer

At the Royal House Casino you can now do so much more than just play your standard, yet still highly exciting, mobile casino games. This casino has raised its bar by including live dealer casino games as part of its large ensemble of already incredible options. The Royal House might be young, having only opened in 2016, but there’s no doubt about the casino’s ambition and this is mostly demonstrated by the sheer scale of gaming options its provides to its happy patrons. Now that the live dealer casino games have been included in the casinos line-up, you can finally enjoy actual table games of chance; ones that take place in real time and are not crafted out of digital software.

Live Dealer Games to Play 

If you’re looking for some of the best live casino games online in New Zealand, then the Royal House is certainly not a bad place to start. The live casino games are impressive and it’s all backed up by a range of games so diverse and intricate, that you’d be hard-pressed to complain about what you’ve gotten access to. In terms of live dealer games the casino offers:

It then proceeds to up the ante by including these exciting ones:

The benefits of live dealer casino games are quite apparent. As real games that are streamed to your smartphone or PC, these games carry a stronger air of legitimacy. This is not to say that normal online and mobile casino games are not legitimate, but when it comes to attracting new players, especially sceptics and fence sitters, the live dealer casino games have been more successful in making converts out of unbelievers.

The Very Best Technology Has to Offer!

When it comes to the type of live dealer casino games you’ll get to play at Royal House Casino, you can be assured of something impressive. The software company responsible for the games is none other than Extreme Live Gaming, a company that specialises in making live dealer games. The technology is really impressive and relies primarily on online casino technology, traditional table game technology and video streaming technology.

These three groups of technology are merged together to give players the best live dealer casino games around and when you see these game’s you’ll instantly understand how these factions of technology are seamlessly blended together.

The interface is very much like the one you’d find when playing an online casino game – it’s all digital. It’s then joined by the real dealer at the centre overseeing the cards being dealt or making sure that roulette wheel gets spun. Finally there’s the streaming technology that’s allowing you to see the game in real time. The aforementioned online casino tech is what makes it possible for you to interact with the game and this includes communicating with the dealer and those seated at the table with you.

Live Dealer Bonuses

Royal House Casino has set aside bonuses catering specifically to live dealer gamers. It’s important to keep in mind that the welcome bonus at any casino can only be gotten once and is usually applicable to most of the games on offer with a few exceptions. The casino has a Live Dealer Cashback offer that allows you to receive up to 30% back after playing these games from Saturday until Saturday. There’s also a roulette offer that runs on the same days and can offer up to 25% back.

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