Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack by Evolution Gaming is by far the fastest and most sophisticated version of the game currently in existence. The company has made certain that all the functions and features of the game have been optimised in order to provide you with a gaming experience that is perfect every time regardless of the platform on which you play. This means that when you endeavour to play to win with live dealer blackjack, you can be sure of perfection on your desktop computer, your smartphone and your tablet. Evolution Gaming offers a number of variations but the core game features are the same throughout and these features include ones like Bet Behind, Side Bets and Pre-Decision options.

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Live Blackjack Features

Live dealer blackjack offers fast fun for all those looking to play a real, actual card and table game while still being surrounded by creature comforts. You can pull up a chair at a 7 seater table and if you’re too late then you’ll still be able to play thanks to the Bet Behind option. You’ll be greeted by friendly, efficient and easy on the eye dealers with whom you can converse throughout your entire gaming session. Thanks to a virtual ergonomic design you’ll find interaction easy, and once the real cards are dealt you’ll use the interface to get as close to 21 as possible. Gaming views can also be adjusted to a full screen video while betting options like Splitting, Doubling Down and insurance are also available.

Live Blackjack: Bet Behind

Bet Behind is just what a game like live dealer blackjack needs. Due to the actuality of the game, only 7 people may be seated at a time. In order to combat this situation, Evolution Gaming has equipped its live dealer tables with a Bet Behind feature that allows for an unlimited number of players to place bets on the players seated. So, while you’re waiting on your turn, you can bet on any of the players at the seat. Imagine the potential profits if you bet on someone who just happens to be on a winning streak? On top of this, even if you’re seated at the table, you can still opt to Bet Behind on one of the other players at the table. In this way, live dealer blackjack offers you more ways to win! The Evolution Gaming software is also designed to help you as it will point out which players are on a winning streak by placing a gold medal next to his or her name. On the medal will appear a number which will indicate how many rounds the player has won thus far. The player’s hotness is measured through a series of ribbons and stars.

Live Blackjack: Perfect Pairs & 21+3 Side Bets

The live dealer blackjack game is made all the more exciting by the inclusion of betting features like Perfect Pairs and 21+3 Side Bets. For instance, if you opt to bet on a Perfect Pair you can score extra payouts if the first two cards issued by the dealer make up a coloured, mixed or Perfect Pair. Opt for an additional wager on a 21+3 side bet and get the chance to win on poker inspired combos that combine the first two card dealt to you and the one open one in the dealer’s hand.

Live Blackjack: Pre-Decision

This ultra-cool feature of live dealer blackjack lets you capitalise on a quality typically found in online blackjack, and that is the ability to Hit, Double Down, Stand or Split while the first player is still being dealt his cards. In other words, you don’t need to wait your turn to make key choices and bets while enjoying the game.

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