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At Mobile Casino we bring you all the best online and mobile casino options in New Zealand, but we like to do a lot more than that too. This includes bringing you helpful guidelines on the most popular casino games in the country, Poker included.

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You can not only find the sites for the best online Hold’em Poker and the best mobile Hold’em Poker in New Zealand with us, you can learn all about how to play the games too! We’ve got everything you need right here.

Poker that’s Perfect for Beginners and Pros

Hold’em Poker is considered the classic Poker game, so it’s a great place to start learning the basics. Once you know what you’re doing you can explore the many other variations that our recommended Poker sites offer, including the specially-adapted Live Dealer games that will immerse and engage you in a whole new way using one-on-one games, real equipment and a trained dealer.

When you’re starting out, it’s a good idea to try and play as many free online Hold’em games as you can, while you polish your skills and build your confidence up. Many of the sites we list allow for this with free tourneys that require no buy-in, though it’s important to remember that you are probably going to be playing against other new or weak players.

If you’re doing really well in no-deposit games, be prepared for a tougher time when you play against stronger players for real money! If you want to practice Hold’em Poker free bonuses, given away at different sites for different things, are another risk-free way to do so.

Hold’em Poker Game Basics

To start a game of Hold’em Poker two players will bet Blind, or places a wager before any cards are dealt. Everyone then gets 2 face-down cards known as Pocket Cards, followed by a round of betting called the Preflop. Based on your Pocket Cards you can, in every round including the Preflop, choose to Fold and forfeit the round, Call and match the original Blind bets or Raise and go higher than the player that bet before you. The amount that you must Raise by is always determined at the start of a game.

The next step is called Burning the card; the top card on the deck is removed by the Dealer. This prevents cheating, and is followed by another betting round known as the Flop. Here, 3 communal cards are dealt face-up. By the game’s end there are 5 face-up cards and you can use any of these and your own Pocket Cards to create a winning Poker hand. To get to this point, two more rounds of betting follows the 3-communal card deal. Preflop round rules apply, and the top card on the Deck is burned again at the end. The 4th and 5th communal cards, called the Turn and the River respectively, are singly dealt in these two rounds.

Once the River is seen, every remaining player reveals their cards in the Showdown. Normal hand rankings determine the winner, who gets the prize pot. We know you’re already intrigued, and the variations of Hold’em Poker and the other versions of the game on our recommended sites will engage you even more! You’re about to start a lifelong journey of playing for enjoyment and rewards.

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