Real Roulette with Sarati™

Love innovative Microgaming releases? Can’t get enough of live dealer games in New Zealand? Consider yourself a true fan of real roulette games? Find yourself wishing that there were more unique roulette games to choose from in New Zealand? If your answer to any of these questions was “Yes”, then Microgaming’s Real Roulette with Sarati™ might very well be the game you’ve been looking for. Emulating a live dealer game, but surprisingly completely virtual – RNG software and all – Real Roulette with Sarati™ promises a unique experience that perfectly emulates a live play game, which players are free to enjoy on their preferred desktop or mobile device. Let’s take a look at some of the features you’ll come across before moving on to where we recommend you play Real Roulette with Sarati™.

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Real Roulette Features

With a fixed RTP of 97.30%, game controls that include a bet, clear bet, undo, rebet, double, spin, statistics and favourite button, it’s clear that Real Roulette with Sarati™ was designed with player satisfaction in mind – why else would it be so rewarding and so functional at the same time. Based on European-style roulette rules, with neighbour bets, call bets and numbered pockets from 0 to 36, you’ll also have the option of placing regular inside and outside bets too, which include straight up, split, street, square, line, column, dozen and even-money bets. Inside bet odds range from 5:1 to 35:1, while outside bets offer odds of between 1:1 and 2:1. A help menu is available should you wish to learn all the ins and outs of this game, as well as a detailed paytable for those interested.

Besides all of these game features, perhaps the most exciting thing about Real Roulette with Sarati™ is that you’ll get to enjoy Sarati’s company. While all interactions have been pre-recorded to make them seem as if they’re being played out in real time, this gaming is fully virtual and operates the same way any of Microgaming’s other virtual table and card games do. What’s more, rumour has it that this may be the first in a series of Real Roulette games from one of the world’s leading software providers, and one we hope is true, as we can’t think of anything more thrilling than enjoying premium roulette gaming with expert hosts in a truly unique way.

Playing Real Roulette with Sarati™ in New Zealand

Real roulette fans in New Zealand are able to access Microgaming’s Real Roulette with Sarati™ at Spin Casino, our top choice for virtual table game play for two simple reasons: they offer variety and the quality of their games, like Real Roulette with Sarati™, is simply superb. What’s more, they also host an array of live dealer games in their portfolio as well, meaning that players in New Zealand will  get to experience the wonder of HD-streamed, real-time table and card games hosted by professional live dealers whenever you wish. Little secret: new players to Spin Casino qualify for a triple-deposit welcome bonus of up to NZ$1000 – plenty with which to enjoy and get comfortable with Microgaming’s one-of-a-kind release, Real Roulette with Sarati™.

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