Playing Casino Games on your Mobile

In New Zealand, mobile casinos are becoming far more popular than their online counterparts. The rapid development of mobile technology has meant that just about anyone can go online and play the latest pokies for free or for real money.

That being said, not all smartphones are created equal. The software, screen size, design and graphic display makes a big difference to your gaming experience. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the most popular smartphone makes and what type of online casino experience you can expect from each device.


In the world of mobile casinos, there are three main casino software options. These are Android, iOS and Windows. In the Android smartphone market, the undisputed leaders are Samsung. Their flagship Galaxy S range is pretty much the best range of phones money can buy. The Galaxy range competes directly with the iPhone and features a large HD screen, a powerful processor and tons of memory to run multiple games at the same time. As an Android device, Samsung phones can be used at almost every mobile casino in the country. With beautifully designed handsets, crystal clear screens and the most powerful processors in the industry, Samsung phones are ideal for users who have the money to afford the best and want a premium online casino experience.


While Windows may be a dominant force in home computers, they really only have one make of phone running Windows mobile software. Nokia is the leading manufacturer of Windows phones with their Lumina Range competing at the top of the market. The problem is that Windows based casino apps are fading and are few and far between. In 2017, Nokia released their new range of phones, the Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. Moving away from the Windows platform, Nokia has joined the Android revolution. Since most online casinos offer Android or iOS support, it was a good move and one that will keep casino enthusiast happy. The new Nokia range of smartphones features large HD screens, ample memory and fast processors for a seamless casino experience.


If you do not own an Android phone, chances are you have an iPhone. The iPhone is the only smartphone running on iOS software. The good news is that iPhones are generally very sturdy and feature that latest high resolution screens, powerful processors and crystal clear displays. They are perfect for mobile casino gaming and compete with the high-end Samsung devices. iPhone casinos are incredibly popular with almost every mobile casino offering an iOS app.


LG have been in the mobile phone market for many years. They have made a name for themselves as a manufacturer of reliable, exciting phones with interesting features. Their flagship G Series offers users a high-end phone at a much lower price than you would find in a Samsung. Running on Android software, LG is ideal for players who want an affordable phone for online casino gaming that can hold its own with even the largest of games.


Lenovo is well known in the home and business computer industry for producing powerful and functional devices. They have taken this trend through to the mobile phone market with sleek, powerful devices. Their flagship series is the Phab series with the Phab 2 pro being their top of the range model. With a minimalistic look, solid design and functional Android software, the Phab 2 Pro is a good choice for anyone wanting a long-lasting phone with great features. As an Android device, it can be used for mobile casino gaming with crystal clear graphics and pleasant user experience.


Sony has been in the electronics development market for many years. They were around when the first mobile phones hit the market and they are still a solid competitor today. Sony produce great looking phones that are compact, powerful and generally have a very good camera to boot. While not as technically advanced as the high-end Samsung devices, the Sony Xpreia range of smartphones are more than adequate for mobile casino gaming. Running off Android software, the Xpreia range of phones feature large HD screens, powerful processors and ample memory to run both small and large games.


Huawei entered the smartphone market producing powerful phones at a fraction of similarly built models. They have continued in that respect with Android based smartphones that have the functionality of a high-end phone with the price of a mid-range phone. Huawei phones are well-designed, powerful and feature outstanding screen graphics. Their flagship P range includes the popular P7 and P9. They recently released the P10 Plus, which is their top performing device. The P10 Plus competes at the top of the market and features a crystal-clear display, generous memory, powerful processors and a good camera. Huawei Phones are ideal for mobile casino gaming and can be used with Android apps and online flash games.