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Not all casino software companies are giants of the industry like NetEnt, Microgaming or Playtech and the beauty of it all is that not all have to be. The competition in the mobile casino industry is healthy and is capable of even accommodating the little guy. In this case that little guy is ELK Studios. This maker of mobile casino games is notable, not for the amount of content it has produced, but for the amount it’s made since its inception and the quality thereof. You don’t need to have a massive assortment of games to be successful in this industry. Success in this industry comes from giving players a quality product and quite often, one that gives players something new. ELK Studios is doing all of this and more.

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Mobile Casino Games Come 1st

ELK Studios is one of those few casino software producers that has chosen to put mobile casino gaming first. This has likely been done for a number reasons but the strongest one would have to be about timing. This company isn’t too old and thus its entry into the market has happened at a time when mobile casino gaming has already become quite prominent. Unlike its peers it hasn’t had to convert any old games. ELK Studio has gone straight for the jugular and has produced over 10 video pokies games designed with specific applications to tablets and smartphones.

Casino Games by ELK Studios

ELK Studios, like its peer/rival, NetEnt, is based in Sweden. The Swedes have proven themselves skillful at most things technological so there’s no need to doubt the capabilities of ELK Studios. The company’s portfolio is still very small. In fact, to date ELK Studios have produced a total of 12 mobile video pokies. ELK Studios focus in terms of themes is quite broad and unique. Generally pokies game themes do overlap. After all, there are only so many different topics that one can tackle when producing a casino game. ELK Studios stands apart in the way it handles its subject matter and these subjects cover like things history, culture and sport.  The following exciting mobile pokies games have been made:

ELK Studio’s Betting Strategy

ELK’s innovation doesn’t stop with making games. It goes further with their betting strategies; built-in optional extras that can be used on all the mobile pokies games. ELK Studios have produced a total of 4 betting strategies, best used in conjunction with Auto Play. There’s the Booster, which increases your wagering amount after each loss for 4 times before returning it to the base level. The Jumper increases your wager after every winning round and resets to a base level when a loss occurs. The Leveller will increases your wager after 5 consecutive losses and again after another 5. It will return to the base level once a win is achieved. The Optimizer adjusts your bet levels in accordance with the percentage of your cash balance. These options can be selected and turned after any spin has been completed.

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