If you are familiar with mobile and online casino games, there is a good chance you have heard of . As one of the most creative pokies developers in the industry, is widely known for their highly inventive and entertaining pokies for flash-based and mobile casino sites. First established in 2012, was founded by former employees of one of the largest gaming developers in the industry. Deciding to strike out on their own, the team used their extensive knowledge of the gaming industry and creative powers to dream up big ideas for a new era of online pokies games.

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Today, has grown into a respectable gaming supplier. Based in Stockholm, they produce high quality online pokies that really push the envelope. Their strategy since forming the company has always been to develop high-end games with the developers themselves involved in each step of the process. The result is a list of games that are so unique that no matter which casino you are playing at, you will instantly recognise a game.


is licenced in the UK and in Malta, and they’re also certified in multiple jurisdictions, giving them the ability to enter into the global gaming market. Currently, their games can be found in a range of casinos including:

games are produced in both Flash and HTML5 format. This means that all of their games can be played online instantly on all devices including PC, Mac, Android, Windows and iOS devices.

does not as yet have a dedicated mobile casino app, but will likely look into it in the future. For now, players can simply log onto the mobile casino site and play directly on their mobile web browser. Their online profile is similar, providing Flash and HTML 5 games with players accessing the games via their web-browser.

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Style and Graphics

In terms of style and graphics, pokies really are a beauty to behold. The team have gone above and beyond to produce games that not only look great but are entirely unique in how the pokies are set out and how the games are actually played. Each individual game has been carefully designed to bring players the absolute best in online casino entertainment. As a testament to this fact, currently have a range of 19 games. While this may not sound like much, not too long ago, their number only totalled 9.

Unique and Entertaining

The team is constantly working to pump out new and exciting online pokies. Their current productions are certainly some of the most unique ever created for the internet. Players might recognise titles such as Fruit Warp, Sunset Delight or Esqueleto Explosivo. An example of how unique these games actually are can be seen in the simple and yet highly entertaining Sunset Delight (Sunny Scoops). In this game, instead of having a standard set of three reels, players will find a set of three ice-cream cones piled three high with blobs of different coloured ice-cream. Every time the spin button is pushed, new blobs appear on the cones. When the colours line up, a win is created.


games incorporate the latest 3D technology as well as high quality graphics, sound and animation. They are extremely entertaining and hard to miss. If you’re keen to try them out, some of their most popular titles include: uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details