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Yggdrasil makes use of a rather interesting and appropriate name. In case you’re not in the know, the name, Yggdrasil, is the name of the cosmic tree in Norse mythology that connects all the cosmos. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense as to why a mobile casino software company would choose such a name like this. It is said that life imitates art and in this case the aim of the company is to replicate the action of this so called cosmic tree by connecting players with its impressive line-up of games. Yggdrasil isn’t just impressive for the type of mobile casino games it makes, it’s also impressive for the very short amount of time in which it’s managed to become as competitive as the industry giants like NetEnt and Microgaming.

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A Long Way In A Short Time

Yggdrasil got its first licensing deal in 2013. The company doesn’t expound on how long it took to get to this point, so we’ll consider this as unimportant. What is important to note is that since 2013 the company has unveiled a total of 21 well-crafted mobile casino games and has licensed these games out to a number of mobile casino operators. Yggdrasil’s ability to have a world-wide reach is a testimony to the company’s innovative games.

Why Yggdrasil?

Good question. Why should you opt to play mobile casino games made by Yggdrasil and by extension, why should you choose to sign up with a New Zealand mobile casino operator that’s powered by Yggdrasil? The most prominent reason to go for a mobile casino powered by Yggdrasil has to do with the company’s focus and that focus is nothing else but pokies. By not deterring from pokies games, Yggdrasil have made themselves into specialists and by extension, pretty darn good at what they do. Most software providers have signature moves and in the case of Yggdrasil, their mobile pokies are accompanied by impressive intro videos, ideal for whetting your gaming appetite.

Exciting Mobile Pokies by Yggdrasil

If there’s one thing we cannot knock Yggdrasil on then it’s got to be their inventive range of mobile pokies games. It’s not the biggest range we’ve ever come across, but there is no disputing the quality of these mobile casino games. Without even playing the games, it is immediately clear that time, effort and money have gone into the design and production of these games. Most of these mobile pokies games are all based on original concepts. Here and there the company has struck a deal with some group or company to make games based on intellectual properties. Prime examples include Beauty & the Beast and Holmes and the Stolen Stones. Diversity is key at Yggdrasil and once you start playing their games you’ll see exactly why. Fantasy and adventure is the name of the game so expect to delve into worlds occupied by leprechauns, Vikings, dragons, genies, super heroes and many more. If you’re ready to explore fun possibilities for cash, then try one of our Yggdrasil powered mobile casinos today!

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