A Complete Mobile Casino Guide

While mobile casinos used to be a last resort, considered a poor substitute for online entertainment and only to be used when strictly necessary, times have certainly changed! Now, software developers produce mobile casino games that are just as impressive as those found online, either specially adapted or developed for their screens and processing units.

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For a lot of people, the graphics are so good, and the touchscreen control feels so authentic that mobile gambling becomes their preferred option. No matter how you want to balance your mobile and online gambling, you need to know how to get the most from your casino time. And with our mobile gambling devices guides, that’s where we come in.

Our main aim is to ensure that every New Zealander has a great experience gambling on the go. With that in mind, we review the best sites and try to bring you as much information and news on anything to do with gambling as possible. This includes helpful tips for playing and betting on the go, as well as guides to mobile gambling devices. We really will show you everything you need to know!

Besides specific handset and casino access questions, we’ll also keep addressing issues that relate to playing at a mobile casino. What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing in portrait or landscape mode? Do these stay the same when playing on a tablet as opposed to a smartphone? Which games are best on what platforms? Are there any casinos that offer specific bonuses for playing on mobile? What new games are being released for mobile casino fans? We’ll cover all these questions and more in our pages on portable gambling. Stay up to date and get the most from your smartphone and tablet casino games with us!

Advantages of Playing at Mobile Casinos

Playing casino games on a mobile device is hands down the most convenient way to play for real money. You get the great graphics, smooth controls and great bonuses that go with you wherever you choose. Convenient, flexible and versatile, mobile casino games are the perfect antidote to a boring day and can turn every spare moment into one that’s filled with big jackpot wins.

Playing at online casinos has always had the advantage over land-based casinos due to the convenience, bigger game selection, better bonuses and larger payouts. Now, mobile technology has soared to new heights with amazing innovation and superior capabilities. Mobile casino software has improved alongside mobile device technology. This means the games are perfectly compatible with leading operating systems for smartphone and tablet.

The development of mobile casino apps has ensured simplicity, safety, faster gameplay and a host of other fantastic features are now at players fingertips. As the mobile casino industry grows, casinos are enticing players to join up, and this means mobile-specific bonuses are being offered too. These bonuses, along with the already fantastic welcome offers, can give players a huge bankroll boost.

One of the best advantages of mobile casino gameplay is the supreme convenience. A mobile phone or tablet only needs battery power and an Internet connection. Accessibility is available by downloading apps developed for specific operating systems, or by simply logging on through the web browser.

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On the Go Gameplay

All functions that a player needs to fulfil at an online casino can be done on mobile. Everything from signing up, depositing funds, placing bets to reviewing game history, trying out demo mode and withdrawing any winnings can be done on a mobile device.

Customer service is contactable directly, and all the best banking options make depositing and withdrawing funds just as easy and safe.

The mobile casino game selection is not quite as large as the online casino game selection as yet, but mobile games are fast catching up. Practically all of the best games from top developers have already been optimised for mobile, and all of the rest are not far behind.

Mobile games are being developed or optimised regularly, which means the best NZ mobile casinos constantly update their selection and add new titles. All sorts of games, from pokies to Video Poker and Roulette to Blackjack and Baccarat are playable on smartphone or tablet.

Download and Browser-Based Casino Games

Mobile casinos may also not be available in both an instant-play and a downloadable version. Once again, most of the options we recommend are, but you may find a few that offer only one of these options and not the other.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both playing in your web browser and downloading and installing an app. Our gambling device guide will explain these to you, so that you can weigh up both options. This is an important issue, and for players it is often the deciding factor between two casinos.

Top Mobile Casino Games

Portable, convenient and immediately accessible, mobile casino games can be enjoyed absolutely anywhere. You can choose from an incredible selection of prestigious pokies, a variety of Blackjack games, classic Roulette options, Baccarat, Keno and other exciting mobile entertainment all available in the palm of your hand!

Classic Table Games

The range of table games that online casinos cover will blow you away. You will find more than enough mobile casino games to keep you busy, and Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack and Roulette is readily available at your fingertips.

What really takes mobile table games to the next level is the fact that the software developers have added a variety of variations on the standard games. This means you don’t just get one version of Poker, you will find Three Card Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker and more.

Blackjack variations can include side bets and special Blackjack rules. Many table games even include progressive jackpots that will award you with huge cash prizes when you meet certain criteria in the games.

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Authentic Roulette

Roulette, the classic land-based casino game is now the classic mobile casino game. The complex betting options and unique game play have been seamlessly optimised for mobile, with easy to use and intuitive controls.

Placing your chips on the Roulette table is so simple with the pinpoint accuracy of the iPhone or Android touch screen controls.

As with most other table games, mobile Roulette can come in a variety of forms including the main versions of European Roulette and American Roulette.

Remarkable Mobile Pokies

Pokies have positively thrived in the online gaming environment, and they’re just as good on mobile too. The basic game play and the fact that the games are simple and require no skill make them the perfect mobile companion. You may not be a slots fan in land-based casinos, but you owe it to yourself to see what software developers have done to mobile slots.

Pokies feature great bonuses, rewarding game play and unique themes. The bonuses can include free spins, massive cash prizes or special mini games to spice up the standard game play. The simple controls translate perfectly to mobile devices so that you can easily adjust your wagers and enjoy a user-friendly entertainment experience on the go.

The Best Mobile Gaming Options

In New Zealand online and mobile casino games offer players the opportunity to win big at home or on the go. While desktop gaming still has its place, the majority of players are turning to mobile casinos as an alternative. Since most people have their smartphone or tablet with them at all times, playing mobile games is far easier and more convenient. But, as always when there is an abundance of choice available, the biggest issue players face is deciding what type of device would yield the best gaming experience.

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Choosing and Using Different Handsets

On our site you’ll find the best gambling device guides that explain the differences between using an Android, iOS or Windows handset is, as well as the pros and cons of each option. We’ll also go into specific models such as Samsung or the iPhone, and explain how to perform functions, such as accessing banking pages and other relevant features and functionality if necessary. In some cases, the procedures on different operating systems vary slightly, and this may be required.

In addition, we’ll look at the merits of both smartphones and tablets, and help you decide which would be best for you as a player. Do you, for example, need the portability of a smartphone, or the larger screen of a tablet more?

Almost all the sites that we recommend can be accessed on any device, but you may sometimes come across certain casinos that are only suitable for playing on particular handsets. Luckily, if this happens you will have plenty of other fantastic options to choose from!

Tablets vs. Smartphones

When online casinos exploded onto the scene in the 1990’s, the gambling landscape was changed forever. Now the mobile casino revolution is in full swing and it’s moving at an even faster pace. There are a lot of factors to consider when playing this way, and although choosing the best mobile casino games is an important one, it is far from the only concern.

One of the other things you need to decide is what kind of device you want to play on – a smartphone, tablet or phablet. A lot of factors can influence this choice, and in the end, it needs to be made on a case-by-case basis.

Since just about everyone has a smartphone or tablet with them at all times, playing real money games is just a screen swipe away. With mobile gambling, one question that gets asked quite often is which mobile gambling devices are best for playing online? Is it better to play on one or the other? The question has been around for some time now with advocates on both sides of the argument. Let’s take a look.

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Screen Size

If we look at the two side by side, the biggest difference between smartphone ad tablet the two is the screen size. In both cases, they can range from entry level to top of the range. Depending on how much you want to pay, the more cash you fork out, the higher the specs.

It is possible to get a much better gaming experience on a high-quality phone compared to an entry-level tablet. However, tablets generally have a bigger screen, with 7” to 10” screens being the most popular at the moment. Having a bigger screen means you get a more immersive experience if the specs are high enough to handle HD. However, the best gambling device guides will advise you to look at more than just the screen size.

If you want a more immersive experience, you should opt for a top of the range tablet with a larger screen size. This will ensure you get the maximum visual experience while still having the portability option. However, since both of these options are used for multiple functions, it might be more beneficial to have a slightly larger phone that can play multiple roles.

In reality, just about every phone or tablet, even the entry-level ones, are perfectly suited for mobile pokies, table games, scratch cards and even live dealer games. The difference comes in with the pixel quality. If the casino has a mobile app, the games have been specifically designed to run on smaller screens and the specific operating system.


The specifications of a mobile greatly determine the type of gaming experience you can enjoy. If you have a tablet at home, this does not automatically make it ideal for playing on the go. In many cases, a smartphone will actually have a faster processor, a higher pixel density and a sharper screen display.

This is not to say you cannot get top-quality tablets. The latest iPad or Android tablet is comparable to even the best mobile phones. What we are saying is that you should always choose specs over screen size.

Android vs. iOS

It is now time to focus on the great, often argued over debate between Android and iOS.

A lot of mobile gambling device guides fail to address the question of whether it is better to have an iOS or an Android powered mobile for gaming.

Aside from the social image and usability of each operating system, there isn’t much that can differentiate the two in terms of online gaming. The best mobile gaming device guides will always tell you to buy a tablet or smartphone based on personal preference and lifestyle before you think about online gambling. In truth, these days there is little difference between the casino apps and games designed for iOS and those designed for Android. You’ll find quality versions for both, so you should stick with the OS that really works for you.

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Budget and Lifestyle

Choosing a mobile device for online gambling purposes should be factored in with what else you are going to be using it for. If you want to purchase a dedicated tablet specifically for apps and mobile casino games, it may be better to go for a larger screen option with higher specs.

If you are planning to use your smartphone to play video pokies, stick to a phone you can afford and one that will suit your lifestyle in all aspects of what you do. There is no point buying the biggest phone possible just for pokies when you actually want a smaller screen phone for other uses.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology everyone can enjoy video pokies on the go, and the device you choose can therefore be one that works best for you, and your pocket!

How to Choose

If you are struggling to decide on an iPhone verses the latest Android phone, you can take comfort in the fact that the games themselves run equally well on both platforms. It all comes down to the specs of the handheld.

The faster the processor, the bigger the screen and the higher the pixel density, the more in-depth your mobile casino experience will be. In most cases, choosing what to buy is limited by your budget and your lifestyle. The good news is that even the most basic, entry level Android device is more than capable of running casino apps and games without any issues.

The Hardier Option

If you often knock or bump your device, a tablet might be the best idea for you as they stand up to damage better than smartphones do. They also tend to have superior battery life, which is important when gambling on the go. You’re less likely to have your play interrupted when enjoying the best tablet casino games around than you are when playing their smartphone counterparts.

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Phone Calls and Functionality

Being able to receive and make calls and communicate via text messages is a basic essential of modern life. While no longer the only important function of a mobile device, this facility remains indispensable, and although some tablets offer this functionality, it’s not standard, and comes with its own set of issues.

If everyone could have both handheld devices, with money and portability not being issues, the ideal way to play would be to enjoy the fantastic tablet casino games in New Zealand and use a phone for other functions.

When this is not possible, are phablets a good compromise?

The Pros and Cons of Phablets

Feature-rich devices with 5- to 6-inch screens, phablets allow phone calls and messages while also providing better graphic displays than most smartphones. Their processing capabilities are equal to tablets’ too, making them a good choice for anyone who needs their mobile device to perform high-intensity functions.

Remember, however, that some of the advantages of other handheld devices are lost in the compromise that phablets strike. They are not as portable as phones and taking pictures and calling with them is not as easy. In addition, though their screen displays are excellent, they still not as large and impressive as what you’d get with a tablet.

The App Store vs. The Play Store

The Apple App Store and Google Play store provide the same services for players. They allow you to search, download, and install the applications you are looking for. Both platforms have the same elements. There is a description, either an icon or a logo, screenshots or an image gallery, reviews, and most likely a trailer or video for every app available.

But having the same aim doesn’t mean they are identical. A number of factors make the layout of their respective elements very different, and striking contrasts in behaviour are evident between the two stores.

Let’s take a look at the differences between the two, and see how they weigh up:

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Paid Apps in the Stores

Both the App Store and Google Play Store share similar sharing conditions as far as revenue is concerned. 70% goes to the developers, and the store keeps the remaining 30%. However, the App Store generates more shares than Google Play does. Most businesses are advised to start developing iOS apps if they are aiming to generate high revenue faster.

App Descriptions

In the Google Play Store, the app description gets double the taps on the Read More button than the App Store does. If you are accessing the Google Play Store from your smartphone, the description is always displayed above the screenshots or image gallery, and this makes the Read More button more prominent. At the App Store, the first two lines are vital, especially with the newer sizes for iPhones. They have screens that are big enough to display the app description in its entirety.

Image Gallery and Screenshots

In the Google Play Store, the image gallery appears beneath the fold, and this makes users 27% less likely to scroll through all of the screenshots or pictures. In the case of the image gallery for the App Store, it is the most conspicuous aspect of the screen. Thus, almost all visitors interact with the items displayed in the gallery.

Types of Apps

Most iOS apps work flawlessly on both iPhone and iPad, but many applications are also customized to suit the smartphones, while others are intended for iPad tablets only. The Android operating system powers a number of different handsets, and these all operate with different CPUs, RAMs, and other hardware configurations. These applications thus need more customisation, optimisation, and scaling in order to suit various devices.

Although the best mobile slots New Zealand has to offer are largely available for both operating systems, you will have to make sure you are downloading and installing the one intended for your particular mobile device. This isn’t an issue with most iOS apps, and it is something that highlights the differences between these two platforms. Players must make sure that they have opted for the right app store app, as an iOS app won’t run on an Android device, and vice versa.

Whether you are interested in the best Play Store mobile pokies or have an iPhone and want investigate what App Store slots have to offer, you are guaranteed to find something to enjoy. The best mobile slots in New Zealand have been customized to ensure that players using a variety of different devices are able to enjoy them on the go!

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Top Rated New Zealand Mobile Casinos

Now that you know all about your devices options and everything ese to do with mobile gaming, we’d love to steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the perfect mobile casino. That’s why we’ve carefully selected our top New Zealand mobile casino operators. We’ve gone for diversity coupled with good service to ensure that the gaming experience you enjoy will be a memorable one.

As a result, we’ve grouped together a group of mobile casino operators that we feel will deliver the goods; and then some. All our recommended operators are well established, fully licensed and externally audited. Security is also tight to ensure all your private information remains secure, and safe and responsible gaming initiatives are all in place to protect you.

Below you’ll find the top-rated Kiwi-friendly mobile casinos that are ready and waiting for you. We’re always on the lookout for new and eligible operators for the New Zealand market, so come back anytime to see what’s new!

•    10 Bet Casino: This mobile casino operator is powered by NetEnt and Play’n Go and can thus be counted to provide high quality games in every sense of the word. Sports betting is also available so you can bet on all kinds of events including cricket, soccer, rugby, motor racing and more.

•    888 Casino: 888 is a big name in the mobile casino world and its parent company is listed on the London Stock Exchange. 888 offers a multifaceted mobile casino experience that extends beyond the realm of casino games to include sports betting and a specialised Poker section. The casino is also powered by various leading software providers, which means it has more games available.

•    Casino.com: Playtech-powered mobile casino games are what you’ll find at Casino.com, but that isn’t all. You’ll also be eligible for a casino bonus that could be as high NZ$ 3200, along with live casino games and ongoing promotions.

•    JackpotCity Casino: This industry veteran just keeps going, and it’s been around a long time! Since opening its doors in 1998 JackpotCity has cemented its status as one of the biggest brands internationally, and one of the most reputable ones around too. All the gaming content is powered by Microgaming and Evolution Gaming, so top quality entertainment is always on tap. There’s also their NZ$ 1600 bonus for new players.

•    Luckland: This mobile casino offers a real European-style gaming experience, and you’ll see this the minute you see their website. Games are powered by NetEnt, so you’re sure to enjoy the variety, and there’s also a NZ$ 1000 bonus for new players up for grabs.

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