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Some of the most popular entertainments today are lottery games, which have been around for hundreds of years. They made the leap to modernity very well, and with the Internet explosion of the 1990s they moved online and then to mobile devices just as easily.

There are even references to casting lots in the Bible, and the concept of offering cash prizes is first known to have occurred in Florence, Italy, during the 16th century. They were the first to actually be called Lotto games, and their popularity took them all around the world.

Lotteries have a history of being used to raise money for civic or social causes, and they are still often used for these purposes. While it is still possible to play the lottery on land, online and mobile options are more convenient and offer you far more options. Essentially, they’re superior in every way!

The Way Lotteries Work

Lottery games are popular favourites with everyone, since they offer incredible payouts and are simple and easy to play. All you need to do is buy your ticket, and choose your own combination of numbers or have them selected for you with Quickpick.

At the time of the Lotto draw, winning numbers are drawn from a pool of the same options as the ones that you chose your numbers from. The numbers are usually all printed on balls, and are drawn using specially designed ball machines to ensure total fairness.

You’re paid out according to how many numbers on your ticket match the ones that were drawn. With mobile lottery options you don’t even need to check that you’ve won, since you’ll be notified when you do. You can also set up automatic entry into the draws, so you don’t need to remember to buy tickets when you’re really busy.

Mobile Lottery Advantages

Aside from the convenience of automatic entry and notification, the biggest advantage of mobile lottery games is similar to the biggest advantage of our recommended casinos: choice. There are hundreds of Lottery opportunities at your fingertips, and you are no longer limited to what is available at the local corner store.

Most mobile lottery sites also feature strong communities, where you can discuss lotto issues and form real connections on other issues too. It can get really sociable, and you might find yourself making lifelong friends in the community forum.

Lottery Style Games at Casinos

The casinos we recommend don’t necessarily offer lottery games, but some of their options contain very similar elements. Scratchcards, Keno and other instant win games all contain something of the lottery in them, and are great for rounding off a casino session. They’ll give you a feel for how they work and then you can extend the fun to real lottery games. You’ll want to do this because the potential payouts are so much greater – they’re literally life changing!

Even if you don’t win big, the sense of community at mobile lottery sites makes the games well worth your time. The fact that you stand to win staggering amounts of money often becomes almost, but not quite, of secondary importance to players.

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Mobile Lottery Options

One of the true benefits of the internet is how it has managed to make the world a much smaller place. As a resident of New Zealand you can play at online lottery establishments which in turn has ties with lotteries all around the world. Imagine playing on the Californian Powerball, or the Euro Jackpot, or your very own Oz Lotto - it’s all available to you when you start playing the lotto online. Your capacity to win big is only hampered by how much you are prepared to spend. When it comes to playing mobile lottery games your odds are improved simply because you have more options. All that you need to do is sign up with an accredited website that offers lotto games from all around the world, deposit money into your mobile lottery account and then choose which lotto games you’d like to play. An accredited mobile lottery website has agents which purchase the tickets on your behalf. The entire process is incredibly user-friendly. All the rules are explained, thus making the process of choosing your numbers a breeze.

The regions around the world are divided into three core categories: The International Lotteries, the European Lotteries and the US Lotteries. The US Lottery options consists of:

If you’re going to play in the European market, you can expect the following games:

The Internal Lottery options are as follows:

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