5G To Change The Online Casino Industry

Tia Winter | 07 December 2020

Though still in the process of being rolled out worldwide, the next generation of wireless internet and network technology is bigger than big. It’s called 5G and it will be faster and more capable than anything we’ve seen so far from a connectivity point of view. It’s at the same time also the type of technology that’s about to change several digital industries beyond recognition – and for the better. And one of these industries is the online casino industry.

While it’s true that much of the excitement over the dawning of the age of 5G technology has to do with raw speed and carrier capacity, there are several other benefits to be taken into account too. And again, an industry set to reap massive rewards from the rise of the next generation of wireless internet technology, is without a doubt iGaming.

Why Speed Matters

Speed is of course a major drawcard specifically within the context of the online casino and Live Casino industry.

Since the very essence of Live Casino games such as those developed by specialist Live Dealer studio Evolution is that of moving away slightly further from RNG-type games, and more prominently in the direction of an actual online casino experience, speed and a reliable real time connection are all factors as potentially influential and even divisive as they come. 

In order for Live Dealer games to continue on their current trajectory and rise to the top, Live Casino developers and providers will have to keep the action coming in a reliable, live, and time-effective manner. The very lure of the Live Casino experience is that it is trustworthy and a what you see is what you get type of scenario. Remove from that equation internet speed and stability, and instantly, it’s all back again to square one.  

5G And iGaming A Perfect Fit

Significant about 5G within the context of iGaming and the Live Casino market also is wireless internet viewed from the perspective of what it is that makes mobile gambling such an attractive activity and possibility.

Mobile gambling’s very drawing power is nestled in the concept of anywhere – any time. Since online casino games no longer requires of the user to stay put in a single location when accessing online gambling games, the stability of an internet connection when, for example, in a crowded area, is becoming more and more significant of a deciding factor.

And since 5G means no more hit and miss connectivity as well as reduced latency, it may very well be the most important thing that’s happened to the online casino industry to date.

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