888 Rolls Out Online Casino Control Centre

Tia Winter | 23 November 2020

888 Holdings is officially rolling out a new addition to all of its online casino sites, referred to as a Control Centre. With the new feature players will quickly and easily be able to access a record of all their activity, with just a single click. The information will not only include raw data relating to activity on the sites, but also customised readouts that break the data down into easily digestible statistics.

Should any warning signs appear in the readouts, indicating that problem gambling habits may be developing, the system will inform the player.

Additionally, the link to Control Centre, which will be located at the top of each site, will include a host of new safer gambling tools. So, if any player is warned of potentially bad habits, action can immediately be taken to counteract the situation.

System Rollout

888 Holdings has indicated that Control Centre is to be rolled out for United Kingdom online casino sites first. But, localised version are set to follow in all regions around the world that the company is present in. The entire global process is expected to be completed over the course of a few months.

Of course, the launch of the new system carefully coincides with what is being referred to as Safer Gambling Week, which kicks off on the 19th of November.

But, according to 888 Holdings chief executive Itai Pazner, the roll out will also be occurring in various phases, ensuring that visitors to the various sites know exactly what is going on. He stressed that in the first step the aim was to make the new system as visible as possible, after which the various online casino protection tools would gradually be introduced.

Responsible Decission Making

Pazner made a statement regarding the introduction of the Control Centre system. He explained that the basis of the online casino industry was providing choice to customers. The safer and more empowered players feel, he elaborated, the more likely they would be to revisit sites, and continue to enjoy themselves.

He went on to stress that multiple in-house teams are constantly investigating new technology, all of which is focused on preventing possible gambling related harm.

He concluded by stating that the new feature would offer an unprecedented amount of transparent insight, essentially helping every player be more informed, and more in control, than ever before.

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