AI System’s Influence On iGaming

Tia Winter | 27 June 2017

Artificial intelligence has quickly captured the world’s attention as an invention with endless real-world applications. Today, AI home systems like Google Home and Amazon Echo are set to become commonplace in our homes in as little as a few years’ time.

Google Home is powered by Google Assistant, the company’s AI creation, and Amazon Echo is fuelled by Amazon’s Alexa. Both have their merits, and both are able to perform a wide variety of functions. However, the question remains: could Google Home and other similar AI home systems revolutionise the way we play online casino games?

Currently, Google’s complete list of home demands allows you to ask Google Assistant to open websites, start up games, and gain up to date information on the entertainment world. The system can do everything from call up specific websites, to provide accurate statistics on demand – which will no doubt be a handy feature in placing the right online sports bet.

Players May Have To Wait A Few Years For Google

Google Home and its counterparts do not currently accept any commands that relate to online gambling. In Google’s own words, it does not permit any Google Home demands that ‘facilitate or promote online gambling services’, including online casinos, lotteries, sports betting, or even games of skill that provide cash prizes.

Google is pretty clear about this at the present, but with the massive growth of the online casino and eSports industries, it may be only a matter of years before they reconsider. Google Home’s list of possible actions will also grow the more the software is developed, so while it the Assistant might not recognise a casino-related command now, another few years could bring completely new capabilities for AI programmes.

AI Home Assistants Could Revolutionise iGaming

If companies like Google and Amazon do recognise the merits of adding gambling to their AIs’ lists of demands, this could mean big things for the future of iGaming. Home AI systems could be programmed to instantly call up your online casino on any linked devices, place bets according to your voice commands, find licensed and certified sites in your region, and perhaps even fund your bankroll securely by using voice recognition as a form of payment verification.

Recent advancements in the field of AI have already shown that its capabilities are practically endless. With this in mind, home assistance systems could soon become a gambler’s best friend, provided that the right security precautions are in place to protect their financial and personal details from being poached through their home AI systems.

As for the possibility of a future for AI in online gaming, players will have to wait a bit longer to find out for sure.

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