Mobile Gaming Stats Double In 2018

Tia Winter | 20 June 2019

The mobile gaming market is a rapidly increasing division of the industry. New apps and technologies are emerging on a regular basis, taking growth as a whole in interesting new directions. Virtually all online casino operators now have a mobile offering of some sort. But new indications seem to suggest that the entire future of gaming will be on these devices, or at least be online.

The notion is backed up by a recent series of reports, which have revealed that gambling transactions that took place online have shot up by 95% in 2018. It is not surprising that transactions of this sort increased, but the huge number by which they did increase. The implications have made some industry analysts stop and think.

Unprecedented Growth

It was the 2018 Iovation Gambling Industry Report that really demonstrated just how much mobile gaming has grown. The researchers involved studied and analysed over 500 million transactions, gathering data from over 100 participating operators around the world. The results were then compared to similar studies in 2012, and the conclusions spoke for themselves.

In 2012 was when gambling operators first began offering phone and tablet based apps. It was estimated that only 6% of transactions occurred on the devices at the time. In 2018 that number has increased to a stunning 70%. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission released a report of their own, and the results were equally telling. 50% of online betting and gambling was done on a mobile device. Furthermore the Iovation Gambling Industry Report seems to suggest that the gaming industry is expanding, and that the key to this expansion could be entirely thanks to portable electronic gambling options.

India And USA Open Up

In the United States and India, legalised gambling has only just opened up. The US Supreme Court legalised sports betting in a few states, creating a big opportunity for operators. But it was anticipated that the new market would take some time to heat up, even with enormous interest.

But against expectations, through the convenience of smartphone based gaming apps, success has been seen on an unprecedented level in an extremely short space of time. So increased industry growth can almost entirely be attributed to technology of this kind. As to where the software and hardware evolves now remains to be seen, but there is no question that no matter what happens, the mobile division of the industry will be the backbone.

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