Apps That Simplify Splitting the Bill

Tia Winter | 22 February 2018

We live in a time when sharing costs is common; many areas of the world are too expensive to live in without roommates, and most of us club together for holidays or friends’ birthdays now. Often, one member of a group will be responsible for booking everybody’s concert tickets, and the headache of splitting up a restaurant bill is something almost everyone is familiar with.

Transferring money back into your friend’s account, or getting money from them into yours, when one of you has paid is simple enough. But what if apps could make dividing the bill at the time, or getting the payments, even easier? They can, and they have! We’ve listed some of our favourite apps for shared payments here, and are so impressed with their smooth functionality that we hope they are someday available at our best-loved mobile casinos.

A Quick Word of Caution

Great as payment apps are, they are not without risk. Cybercrime is as real in this area as it is anywhere else, and you need to stay vigilant about it. This was clearly seen recently with Tikkie, a popular Dutch app. Fraudsters went to Marketplaats, an online marketplace, and messaged people who were selling things, saying they wanted to buy them but that they had had bad experiences in the past.

The scam artists then asked the unsuspecting vendors to make a eurocent transfer as proof that everything was legitimate. When the sellers did this, all their internet banking information was accessed by the criminals and a lot of money was lost.

The Tikkie operation was very skilled, but a clue could still have been found if people were alert enough. The first “I” in the name had been changed to a lower-case “l” in the URL; it read “Tlkkie” instead of “Tikkie”. The key here is constant vigilance, checking the URLs very carefully and only using payment apps that you’ve read about on trusted review sites. With that in mind, let’s get to the options we love.

The Shared Payment Apps We Recommend

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