Apps to Keep Passwords Safe

Tia Winter | 23 February 2018

In today’s web-centric world you need a password for just about everything you do online. From accessing emails to video streaming, banking to social media, shopping to playing online casino games and everything in between, a login is required. Obviously, the best way to secure your information is to have a separate and unique password for each and every login. The problem is, that eventually, you end up with dozens of passwords that you have to write down or use advanced memory techniques to recall them on queue.

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It is far easier to install a password manager on your smartphone or tablet that can secure all your information, but still be available when you need it. With so many different password managers out there, it can be difficult to choose the right one. To help you out we have created a short list of the top apps with full details of what they have to offer. This will make quickly and safely logging in to your favourite iPhone casino easy, or ensure that you never get locked out of your Facebook account again!


One of the most user-friendly apps for your device, mSecure makes recording information and entering a new password quick and easy. Featuring Blowfish 256-bit encryption, mSecure is everything you need and more in a password manager. With fingerprint ID, wearable support and desktop support, you can access your information from just about any device. The app gives you over a dozen templates to choose from with an endless list of icons to personalise your information.

The tagging features in the app makes it easy to organise your info where you can sort by group, type, date or special folder. For an additional fee, you can add an in-app camera function where you can take a snapshot of the information you want to use. The upgrade also gives you the ability to upload your own icons and creations.


If you are looking for a basic app that does all the work for you, then LastPass is the way to go. The biggest selling feature of the app is its ability to automatically organise your information for you. The password management app has three main categories including secure notes, form fills and websites. To get started, you simply pick a category, select a template and then fill in all the information for that account. One handy feature is the icon list for popular sites and notes. For example, if you have an Amazon account, simply look for the Amazon icon.

Similarly, if you want your passport number, look for the passport icon. If you want help thinking up a password, the in-app password generator creates a complex, secure password for any account. LastPass runs the latest AES 256-bit encryption with touch ID support. If you want to pay for the upgrade, you can sync your account with multiple devices and share logins with other users. You can even install additional security steps for information authentication.


Enpass is another great mobile password management app that makes storing and accessing your information quick and easy. Running SQLCIPHER's AES 256-bit encryption with touch ID, Enpass is one of the most secure apps out there and it has all the features to back it up. One of the best features of Enpass is the in-app browser, which makes it much easier to fill in forms without having to copy and paste your passwords. The app also has an extension for Safari, which means you can use it on your default browser.

Enpass also comes with a desktop app that can sync across multiple devices. The information is stored on your preferred cloud storage or your local device. The free version restricts you to a limited number of passwords but the paid version gives you unlimited use.

Free and Paid Apps

These are just a few of the password managers you can find online, there are plenty of other free and paid apps that can do the job, some of which include PasswordWallet, Keeper, 1Password, eWallet KeePass, Roboform, True Key and LogMeOnce. Choose a reputable app and you’ll never have issues logging in again!

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