Apps to Make Christmas Awesome

Tia Winter | 23 February 2018

It’s beginning to look an awful lot like Christmas! There are a lot of ways to get into the celebratory swing of things, and in this day and age many of them are, of course, in the forms of apps that you use on your smartphone or tablet.

From all-in-one apps that help you to celebrate and organise all things Christmas to dedicated baking or countdown apps, iOS users’ every yuletide need has been covered this year. You should also look out for the many festive promotions that mobile casinos are running, but for the moment check out our roundup of Christmas-themed iOS apps.

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Apps to Get Your Christmas Spirit Going

There are many more iOS apps waiting to bring a little more of Christmas into your daily life, so look around for yourself too.

Apps to Help with Returning Items

If you need to take something back after all your gifts have been opened, most retailers understand and extend the return window at this time of year. With everything going on, however, it is very possible that even with these allowances you’ll miss the deadline for exchanging or getting a refund on unwanted items. In addition, it can be difficult to return items that were bought online. With a few handy iOS apps like Slice, all this inconvenience and potential frustration is a thing of the past.

Slice does more than help you to manage your returns, but this is an extremely useful feature of the app. Slice keeps a record of all your purchases, and allows you to check receipts and return policies. The app will also send you a notification if something you just bought has reduced in price, as most retailers will pay you the difference, which can have a huge effect when you’re awash with the expenses of Christmas. If you need to track package shipments Slice can help you with that too.

ReturnGuru is another very useful, free-of-charge app. You can photograph your receipt and send it to the app’s service, which will then send you a reminder as the window for possible returns draws closer. Both Slice and ReturnGuru rely on you having access to the purchases’ receipts, of course, and this is not always possible. If you really want to return something but you need to do it without whoever gave it to you finding out, you could try scanning the barcode and finding the major outlets that supply the product. From there, a little detective work should be all you need!

Apps can make Christmas fun and reduce the stress that many of us feel at this time of the year, so use your smartphone or tablet to make sure you jingle all the way!

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