Aristocrat To Introduce Oasis 360™ to Asia

Tia Winter | 23 October 2018

Asia is now the biggest gaming market in the world and Aristocrat Leisure plans to capitalise on this growth by expanding its product portfolio in the region. The Australian based pokies developer has decided to introduce its Oasis 360 casino management system to the market.

According to the company’s Asia-Pacific Sales & Business Director Lloyd Robson, the company does not have a systems-based product in the market at present. It has however received a lot of interest from its current Asian clients.

Aristocrat in Asia

The company already has a strong presence in Asia with its existing product base. Based on the feedback it received at a recent trade show and the global market in general, introducing the Oasis 360 system is definitely something the company wants to explore further.

The company has already received inquiries from its Macau clients, as well as Vietnam, the Philippines and Korea. Its pokies offering has a dedicated following and robust market share, the company specializes in customer engagement and is looking forward to expanding its product penetration.

This year the company experienced a 2.8% profit increase after taxes for the same period in 2017, and a 28.5% increase in revenue. Despite the increase in revenue and profit, Aristocrat chairman Ian Blackburne will be stepping down. Neil Chatfield, former board chairman of Virgin Australia, will replace him.

Upon inquiry, the company stated that the change is due to its renewal and succession program. Blackburne steps down after serving on the board for ten years.

The Oasis 360 System

Oasis 360™ is a casino information management system. It collects and disseminates data that casino operators can use to monitor players, track floor inconsistencies, tailor bonus payouts and personally cater to specific players.

The system collects information about games, jackpot amounts, and currency being used, as well as the standard stats and personnel information in order to get a real-time view of what is happening on the casino floor. Aristocrat claims that the system is the most widely utilized in the US.

The sophisticated system was created by Casino Data Systems (CDS), which the iGaming brand acquired in 2001.

A Leader in the Casino Industry

Aristocrat was founded in 1953. Today, the company has a team of more than 5000 employees, is regulated in 90 countries, and holds 240 gaming licenses.

The company aims to deliver the industry’s greatest gaming experience and continues to develop ideas and diversify its range of products to keep up with industry trends.


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