Australian Voters Urged To Back Online Poker

Tia Winter | 25 January 2019

It’s almost time for Australians to head to the polls in this year’s federal elections, and the Australian Online Poker Alliance, or AOPA, have urged Australian nationals to apply the necessary pressure to the political system so that online Poker may be legalised within the borders of the country. Aussies will head to the polls on May 18.

Online Poker is deemed to be illegal in Australia, and players have no other choice but to visit illegal foreign sites. These are to a large extent unregulated, and pose many risks to the overall safety of the players. The legalisation of online Poker has been a hot topic of discussion amongst the country’s lawmakers for many years, but the Australian government seems dead-set on preventing this from happening.

Fighting The Good Fight

Last year, thanks to national crackdown on illegal gambling and betting sites, a total of 33 operators were successfully blocked from offering their services to Australians. But activists are saying that alternative sites have popped up since, and so the real problem will never really be addressed. Proper regulation is the only positive and effective way forward.

The founder of the AOPA, one Joseph Del Duca, has appealed to voters to stick to their guns during the elections, and to form a united front in support of the legalisation of digital Poker. According to Del Duca, government is to blame for leaving thousands of Australians at risk and exposed, as a direct result of its refusal to regulate the online market.

Del Duca said that the AOPA would continue in its endeavours, as the matter of legalisation is its number one priority and as such, it will continue to fight what it considers to be the good fight.

See No Evil, Do No Evil

Online Poker is a hobby enjoyed by many Australians across the board, and by refusing to legalise the industry, government isn’t only robbing many of the pleasure of being able to practice their favourite pass-time, but also exposing people to unnecessary risky situations. Many people simply do not realise the dangers involved with playing on unregulated and/or illegal sites and will continue to do so until such time as an alternative is presented to them.

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