Bitcoin Benefitting Mobile Casinos

Tia Winter | 23 February 2018

The rise of mobile casino gaming has come on rapidly over the past few months alone, with the number of mobile players now far surpassing those who prefer traditional online casino play. And while a large portion of the mobile casino payment options available involve real money transactions, there is another contender that is quickly making waves in the mobile payment industry: Bitcoin.

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Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have stepped into the spotlight as a safe, anonymous, and convenient way to make online and mobile payments, including at mobile casinos. Thanks to the recent boom in Bitcoin’s value, the currency has attracted more investors and users than ever before, and this popularity has spawned hundreds of licensed mobile casinos that offer and accept Bitcoin as one of their favoured transactional methods.

Bitcoin being featured as a payment method at licensed casinos is already a sure sign of just how much potential this cryptocurrency has to change the gaming scene. There are many advantages to using mobile Bitcoin casinos, too: the digital currency’s nature ensures safe and anonymous deposits at all times, and also poses no extra transactional fees, leaving players with even more cash in their casino bankrolls.

A Safe In-App Alternative

While it’s true that Bitcoin payments do pose a few minor disadvantages, developers are also working to improve them and make cryptocurrency payments more mobile-friendly. For example, Bitcoin does not currently offer any in-app mobile payment gateways, but developers are currently working to create gateways that will make using Bitcoin from gaming apps even safer and more convenient.

It is well known that Bitcoin’s value is always fluctuating, but for players who truly love to gamble, this may not always be a negative thing. Additionally, Bitcoin’s value has been increasing steadily over the past couple of months thanks to its growing community and climbing popularity, which could translate into even more casino credits and better returns for players at Bitcoin mobile casinos.

Cryptocurrency Here To Stay

All currencies, including fiat currencies, have their cons when it comes to mobile gaming, but Bitcoin’s benefits as a mobile casino payment option is difficult to ignore. This cryptocurrency allows affordable, fee-free, and instant transactions via mobile, without the worry of credit card fraud or the theft of your personal details.

Furthermore, considering just how popular Bitcoin has become as a casino payment option in recent months, it is also becoming easier than ever to find mobile casinos that accept digital currencies under their Cashier tab. Experts have warned that cryptocurrencies may not overtake the mobile gaming scene entirely, but their numerous advantages will likely cement them a spot in the gambling industry for many years to come!

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