Casino Ship In Hot Water with Authorities

Tia Winter | 03 August 2018

In international gaming news, a British Columbia-based casino group, Great Canadian Gaming, is reportedly under investigation for a suspected partnership with a Hong Kong tycoon suspected of having had ties with rogue and unlawful dealings in Macau. Journalists at Global News Investigation established that Great Canadian Gaming had previously partnered up with Cheng Yu Tung in a casino ship endeavour that operated in China’s South Sea.

Cheng Yu Tung has since passed away (2016), but the information discovered by the news agency will most probably lead to a major organised crime investigation into the business activities of Great Canadian Gaming by British Columbia’s Gaming Enforcement authorities.

Criminal Investigation To Follow

The news agency’s own investigation involved interviews with former Great Canadian employees as well as the perusal of hundreds of corporate and legal documents relating to the casino ship’s activities. Attorney General David Eby has confirmed the proposed investigation by B.C.’s Gaming Enforcement authorities and has said that even when business activities take place outside of Canada, investors involved with casinos that are registered within the jurisdiction of British Columbia must all be given the green light in terms of all legal aspects, including suitability and most importantly, integrity.

The ship wasn’t operational for very long. The cruises only lasted for about a year, ending in the year 2001. According to interviews with former employees, the ship was plagued by Chinese gangster activities and its business endeavours came to a halt when a number of serious lawsuits followed.

Investigation Will Reveal All

Attorney General Eby elaborated further by saying that it has now transpired that Tung was in fact not registered with or approved in order to participate in gambling-based activities under British Columbian law.

Eby called for any person in possession of credible information to come forward and contact the offices of British Columbia’s Gaming Enforcement branch, so that the information may be put to good use towards finalising the investigations.

Former Crown prosecutor Sandy Garossino, who is acclaimed for her critical outlook on organised crime involving casinos and related activities, has referred to the information discovered by Global News as a bombshell that has now blown open the need for a critical inquiry into what has happened during the course of the apparently rogue partnership between the casino group and the deceased tycoon.

Whether the group has unwittingly allowed the tycoon to launder money and carry on illegal operations, or whether this was indeed part and parcel of the partnership, is bound to be revealed now that a proper investigation has been launched.


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