Combining the LEGO and Jurassic Park Worlds

Tia Winter | 22 November 2016

LEGO Jurassic World: The Indominous Escape was recently released, and it brings together two of the most popular alternate realities in the world today – that of LEGO and Jurassic Park. The eponymous dinosaur story was first featured in a book by bestselling author Michael Crichton, and has been brought to life in 4 blockbuster movies.

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Jurassic Park has also been featured in many other products and endeavours, both amateur and professional. A series of LEGO building sets and even a Jurassic World-based LEGO action adventure game that draws on the plots of all 4 movies have been released, an abundance of movie-themed merchandise such as mugs, duvet covers and posters are available, and you can even try your luck and spin the reels of the Jurassic Park slots game.

Animation director Paul Hollingsworth and his daughter Hailee went as far as recreating the action in a very impressive stop-motion movie, using the LEGO building sets based on the franchise and several generic LEGO blocks too. The latest homage to Jurassic Park is the LEGO Group and NBC Universal’s collaborative remake of the fourth live-action instalment, which was released in 2015.

A Journey Back to Jurassic Park

All the characters that devotees loved in 2015’s Jurassic World are back in The Indominous Escape, a 24-minute LEGO remake that’s as breath taking as the live action version is. The same epic music is used to emphasise the scope of the dinosaur park, and some industry experts have even remarked that the LEGO version looks better than the original.

The storyline follows the tale of the creation of the Indominus Rex and its subsequent escape, and all the antics that follow its re-capture all perfectly rendered in animated LEGO sequences.

The trailers for LEGO Jurassic World: The Indominous Escape were made available early on, but the actual movie was released in 5-minute clips every day on the Jurassic World YouTube channel from the third to the seventh of October 2016, and then released in its entirety.

A Legend That Grows

The imaginations that Jurassic Park has captured and the creativity that it continues to inspire seem to be almost endless. With new developments, the franchise is sure to keep attracting more fans, which in turn will evolve it even more. Whatever comes next seems set to be impressive and exciting.

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