Digital Key To Aristocrat’s Performance

Tia Winter | 22 November 2019

It’s been a bumper 2019 for international land-based and online global gaming powerhouse Aristocrat. They have shown that the company is able to evolve with the times and continue to build a strong relationship with their players in various casino markets. The company has praised, in particular, their efforts in the digital sphere as their main reason for doing so well this year.

Aristocrat has worked hard throughout the year to grow their business interests in a range of different markets, especially in the Americas. They have increased their product offering, specifically in the online gambling sphere, and ensured that they offer players high-quality products in terms of the design of their casino games. They have also focused heavily on player acquisition by offering high-end real money gambling entertainment.

Company’s First Role Player Game

One of the biggest developments for Aristocrat was the release of their very first computer role player game. This genre is highly popular, and the release of this game proved the current trend. After launching, the game helped them to boost their operating revenue by 22.7 percent almost immediately. The company’s full-year profit has come in at 752.8 million Australian Dollars, after tax.

This is a big deal considering it was only the first title of many that the company is planning to launch. Aristocrat stated that they very carefully planned and monitored the launch of this first game. They will now take their findings to improve the launch plans of future releases, which are very much on the cards. They also took note of how much the game impacted the particular genre it went into in order to inform their strategies for entering new genres in the future.

Push To Meet Evolving Player Needs

The online gaming industry is getting more and more sophisticated and operators have to ensure that they stay relevant to players and provide engaging experiences. This is why Aristocrat has taken the time to invest in new games for their portfolio and evolve to ensure they meet the needs of their players. In addition, the company has been working hard to attract new segments of the gambling market.

The chief executive officer and managing director of Aristocrat, Trevor Croker, commented on the success his company has seen in 2019. He spoke about the way the brand has grown, bringing in new digital acquisitions and new talent to promote this growth, and how they are looking forward to enjoying similar growth in the 2020 fiscal year.

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