Celebrating Good Friday & Easter In New Zealand

Tia Winter | 08 April 2022

Good Friday is a significant high day in New Zealander, and mostly a religious one for a lot of Kiwis. In Christianity, Good Friday is recognised and observed on the day of Christ’s death. It is therefore also an important day – if not the most important day – on the Christian calendar.

Interesting is that Good Friday isn’t celebrated on the same day every year. It was however decided all the way back in 325 AD that Easter weekend should always fall on the weekend following the full moon of the spring equinox.  This means Good Friday will every year fall between March 25 and April 25.

Where Does The Name Come From?

New Zealanders often question the fact that the day of Christ’s death is referred to as “good”.

Most sources agree that this reference to “good” is a reference to the day being holy. Others argue that day’s name has its origins in an initial description of “God’s Friday”.

According to Fiona MacPherson, who is a senior editor at the Oxford English Dictionary, the word “good”, within the context of a day or season observed as holy, is perfectly in line with Christianity’s context in history. From there also the greeting of “good tide” around Christmas time, she explains.

Even so, the earliest documented use of the term “guode Friday” is to be found in The South English Legendary, which is a text dated around 1290. The text is a US Catholic school text that ran between 1885 and 1960 and describes the day as a “good” day because of God having shown his ultimate love for man on this day.

An Important Day For Kiwis

For Kiwi’s, Good Friday traditionally marks the beginning of a four-day weekend, which concludes with Easter Monday. The day is declared a national holiday in the country, as is the Monday.

Since this makes for a long weekend, many Kiwis go on trips out of town, spend extended time with family, and attend prayer vigils and special church services.

Kiwis who religiously observe the holiday will often also enter a time of fasting as a way of repenting for their sins.

Fun Traditions In NZ

On a more casual note, Kiwis also associate Good Friday with fun time for hunting for Easter eggs, enjoying hot cross buns, and other traditional foods associated with this time of the year.

Both Easter eggs and hot cross buns have their origins in the death and resurrection of Christ. Eggs symbolise the new life given to believers by the death and resurrection of the Redeemer, and hot cross buns contain an important symbolism referring to the Jewish Passover as well as to Christ’s death on a cross.

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