Eight Unusual Ways to Earn a Living from Anywhere

Tia Winter | 20 March 2018

Companies and individuals are starting to recognise the value of working remotely. The time and cost saved from no longer having to commute, a better work/life balance, and being able to ‘go to work’ in your pyjamas. Remote jobs are the way of the future.

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One of the great things about the Internet is that it allows for us to think out the box and to find creative ways to have fun, and make money from just about anywhere. Being a global nomad has been made so much easier, and working online is now an accepted activity. 

There are numerous ways that you can supplement your income simply by harnessing the power of the Internet or working remotely. These unexpected jobs can pay large dividends, and they can be great fun too.


Yes, you can rent yourself out to be someone’s buddy, bridesmaid or date for the day. All you need to do is list your information on a site like rentafriend.com and include your location, activities you enjoy and a picture of yourself and you may get picked as a rent-a-friend and get to participate in fun, or totally random events. Similar to rent a crowd, rent a friend gives people the opportunity to seek out company for certain events they don’t want to go to alone.

Become a Teacher

Although English is not the most spoken language, it certainly is the most internationally accepted one. So, citizens of countries that are not English first language are turning to the Internet to learn more. Thus, the need for online English teachers has arisen. You can teach anyone, of any age, from anywhere around the world, how to speak English, and earn a decent income. Live video stream lessons are becoming increasingly popular, and online tutorial services have also come to the fore and let you earn an income from sharing your knowledge in the digital sector.

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Become a Content Writer

Good online content is the marketing tool of the future. Businesses are always looking for content that is popular and current. If you are an expert in a particular field, are amazingly funny, or just know how to capture a person’s imagination, then this one is for you. Writing content is a creative way to cover your bills and lets you learn more about a variety of different topics. You do need to have decent writing skills to undertake this task, but if you fit the bill, you really can work from absolutely anywhere.

Play Video Games

You read correctly, get paid to play video games. Plus, there’s the added advantage of getting to play a new game before it’s even released. You will be the envy of gamers everywhere and king among your mates. Big gaming companies pay to have new games and updated versions beta tested for minor bugs they may have missed, and often seek out players who have experience and can test the games and offer constructive feedback.

Online Gambling

Many people wouldn’t have thought of this one as a moneymaking option, but the truth is that there are people who have turned gambling into a profession. Playing online casino games, especially those like Blackjack that require skill, is a great way to earn extra money, and smart players are often able to generate a tidy sum from playing their preferred games on a regular basis. Approaching online gaming like a business is a clever way to combine having fun with generating revenue.

Sell Arts and Crafts

There are many platforms you can utilise to sell arts, crafts, food, and just about anything else online and there is seemingly almost always someone who wants to buy it. So, if you have a talent like painting or making jewellery, create a website and get marketing, you will be surprised at how much you can earn! You can also use platforms like Etsy or eBay to sell your wares, or opt for a Shopify store or even sell via Facebook.


This is one for people who love surfing the web. If you’re one of those, then this job is for you. Students, professors and businesses all pay other people to do their research, and often marketing information is required by those looking to catch the attention of a niche group. Online research is a skill that almost anyone can learn, and those with good writing skills can also use them to collate the information and present it properly, adding an extra layer of potential income to the research angle.

Start Your Own Online Business

This is really the best way to go. Why work for someone else if you can work for yourself? If you can find a way to solve an everyday problem, fulfil a popular need, or procure a hard to find product, it’s only a matter of time before you’re in the big leagues.

Essentially, most of the remote jobs available are technology based, and that is the beauty of technology. You can access it anywhere, at any time, for any reason, and you can use it to earn a living.

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