Gambling Trends in the Spotlight

Tia Winter | 02 October 2017

The global gambling market has always been highly competitive – and highly volatile. Technological evolution, changes of habits by consumers, and new gambling solutions are constantly changing the face of the mobile gaming market. The rapid expansion of the industry is also a major factor at play.

Some trends have been affecting the mobile market for years, while others are only just emerging; but either way, constant changes always present opportunities for operators to explore new avenues and promote further growth on a worldwide scale.

A major factor changing global mobile gaming is that the gambling market is becoming increasingly more regulated. Many countries have legalised mobile gaming and introduced appropriate legislation in order to keep players safe, and even some US states have begun to legalise gambling activities in an attempt to embrace iGaming and capitalise on the massive rise of mobile gaming.

Mergers And Customised Marketing Strategies

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) also have big pull when it comes to the mobile gaming industry. M&A activity helps operators to adjust to changing regulations, increasing taxes and stricter laws around the world as they happen, strengthening their positions while ensuring that they are still able to provide quality gaming for their players. Many iGaming companies opt to join forces to form larger and more competitive firms, which helps them to survive in an ever-fluctuating market.

Mobile gambling operators have always benefited from customised marketing strategies, and now these too are becoming more widespread as firms compete for players’ attention in the competitive mobile market. Operators are now using tools like direct mailing to customise their offerings, boasting personalised products and services for their customers while also attracting new players.

Increasing Mobile Options and Cryptocurrencies

The sheer number of mobile gambling options is also increasing rapidly as technology advances. Mobile gaming revenues may even have recently surpassed those generated by traditional computer-based gambling, and as a result, mobile players now have more choices than ever before when it comes to gambling platforms, software, games and payment options. Furthermore, as time progresses, the number of mobile solutions available is only expected to grow.

The rise of cryptocurrencies could also change the mobile industry, as players turn more toward digital currencies to make casino transactions thanks to their speed. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Primecoin are some of the most popular current options, with many mobile casinos already accepting them as standard payment methods.

Many of the mobile gaming industry’s trends may come and go, but they all have a part to play in its ultimate evolution. And with mobile casino gaming definitely here to stay, players and operators are encouraged to keep watching to stay ahead of the industry and make the most of its countless opportunities.

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