Gaming Moving From Desktop To Mobile

Tia Winter | 16 March 2017

Everywhere you look, online casinos and gaming operators are embracing the mobile revolution. In 2014, the number of mobile gamers worldwide overtook desktop casino players’ numbers for the first time, and since then the trend has continued to grow at an astounding rate.

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The rise of mobile technology has brought top content to players’ fingertips, to be accessed instantly from their smartphones or tablets. This has now become an essential part of any casino operator’s business, as mobile offerings continue to increase in demand in New Zealand and practically everywhere else around the world.

Numerous top gaming brands have been quick to hop on this new opportunity, offering their own mobile casinos and plenty of games and features for Android, iOS and Windows players. Of course, while so many gambling companies have adapted to the trend, it also begs the question: what is happening to the casinos that still aren’t offering mobile games?

Millennials Favour Mobile Over Online Casinos

In short, casinos without mobile games are quickly getting left behind. The demand for mobile gaming solutions has changed everything from the games and compatibility players expect to the payment methods that they prefer to use.

Mobile casinos have also been designed specifically to appeal to the new generation of Millennials, who prefer mobile gaming to traditional desktop play. Casinos not targeting this market are losing out on valuable business, and may have to work even harder in the future to win these players’ allegiance should they be left in the back row.

Casinos Not Offering Mobile Options Dwindling

Embracing new technology is the key to success in almost any industry, and it is particularly pronounced in the iGaming realm. With the mobile gaming industry expected to reach an impressive value of $99.6 billion this year and app gaming having already formed 85% of all app revenues back in 2015, there are definitely big things on the horizon for the mobile casino.

Furthermore, recently posted financial results from major operators have shown a definite move away from traditional desktop gaming towards mobile. Mobile social casino gaming was a particularly noticeable trend, and virtual reality casino gaming is not far away from becoming a reality.

The verdict is clear: for casinos that still haven’t begun to offer mobile options, there could be rocky times ahead as players move away from their PCs and instead pick up gaming on their smartphones and tablets. Revolutionary payment methods like Bitcoin and an increasingly innovative range of mobile games are attracting players more than ever, and casinos who want their share of the market must keep up with the times if they wish to survive in the competitive iGaming market.

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